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Add video and collaboration to your Contact Centre. Integrate with existing phone systems. Engage with your customers face-to-face wherever they are.

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No other product does what FaceMe Connect can.

Engage With Customers
Live Video

Chat with customers, share links and review documents. Can't do that on the phone can you? Record it and store it. All with 128bit encryption

Work on any device
At any location

Connect to your clients from where they are. In a branch, in a store at a kiosk.

Brand as your own
Attractive Design

Keep your brand, keep your colours. Connect can be branded as your own delivering a unique customer experience with custom branded on hold opportunities, e.g. your latest marketing advertisement

Vendor Agnostic
Advanced API

Works with NEC, CISCO, Avaya, Genesys, Mitel, Shortel, Asterisk & more

Stand ahead of your competition

Gaining the competitive edge in today's fast paced, constantly evolving business world means companies must escalate operating performance, reduce costs, increase reliability, improve cycle time to market, and ultimately meet and exceed customer requirements. You need to Connect

Why is it different?

Connect is vendor agnostic, Its a an elusive world first. It enables inbound video & collaboration into a Contact Centre environment. Nobody else can do this.

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FaceMe Connect can be used with all major phones system providers


What people are asking

Can this integrate with my current system?

Well there is a very good chance it will. FaceMe Connect has been designed to integrate with a most phone systems. It already works will all major brands and uses standards based technology. By treating video the same way as skills based routing systems deal with voice, which is the only way to truly introduce a multi-channel environment with a relevant service experience. Leveraging existing queuing infrastructure gives the maximum opportunity to blend, prioritise and report on video interaction

Why is this different?

To start off, it doesn't require you to upgrade your current system or network to handle it. Your phone systems thinks its just another call, but through some very smart technology we send in video with collaboration to your agents. This alone makes FaceMe Connect stand out over any other solution on the market.

From a technology perspective, what is the typical investment needed to launch video & collaboration calling?

Assuming that your company already has standard hardware in place, i.e. a collection of PCs, you should expect to spend only a small amount for cameras and headphones. There are number of different options for purchasing FaceMe Connect Platform. Just ask our sales team.

How do people use video in Contact Centre

Video can be used in just about any industry from retail to banking.

It can also have profound benefits in certain sectors. For example, insurance companies spend a lot of money training their agents to detect if a customer might be lying, and with visual cues this job could be made even easier.

How do you request feedback from the customer?

Once a call has ended, customers can be passed through to a web form or a IVR in order to record their feedback.

Does FaceMe Connect Support WebRTC?

Right now WebRTC is still developing, as it is only supported by some browsers. Which is why Connect currently uses Adobes flash platform. Flash is installed on 99% of desktop or laptop machines and works across all major browsers such as IE, Chrome Firefox and Safari.

Can video be used to provide visual answers to FAQs

Its like having a live interactive self help video. A agent can quickly share their screen and show a customer exactly what they need to do with no downloads straight from a web browser.

Is there a customer satisfaction difference?

Customer satisfaction on video chat is far higher than that of any other channel. Our results show video is also still new enough that by using it you are automatically exceeding your customer’s expectations. FaceMe Connect lets you redirect a customer to a survey or landing page after the call has ended.

How do you deal with compliance and interaction recording on video technologies?

Similarly to phone calls, companies handling sensitive customer data via video chat needs to be able to record interactions in order to be PCI compliant. Which is why FaceMe Connect with its vendor agnostic approach allows customers to leverage existing quality and compliance technologies to integrate video channels into their existing compliance and quality programs. All conversations can be recorded stored all over 128bit encryption.


FaceMe Locations

FaceMe Connect and Collaboration services are available in a number of locations throughout the world. If you would like to speak with a local representative please fill in the contact form and choose your location.

Your Company's Customer service

Engage with clients on their terms and their device .


Use FaceMe Connect on any laptop of desktop computer. Delivered via any web browser.


Connect With Customers on the go. Load the app and engage


Connect in branch, store or reception

Its Easy, Fast & Scalable

Designed for large Scale, FaceMe Connect can re-create the in-branch experience without forcing customers into bricks and mortar. Take advantage of your current phone system power and add video

Best practice guide

Learn how to deploy video in your Contact Centre


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White Paper

Designed for enterprise deployments

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What our clients say

FaceMe Connect has been truly fantastic. Not only does it enable to save on staffing costs, it has outstripped phones sales by 4:1!

Neo Khuat, NZ Bank

Our customers really like the fact they can talk to someone face-to-face. Its easy for them, and makes a big difference for our staff. Customers know they can trust us.

Mark Netten, Snell Packaging

At the core of our business is our customer service. Connect lets us build our value with meantime and interactive meetings with customers. This is the way forward

Chris Lee, GM Customer Service, Hi-Tech Solutions

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