This post may contain affiliate links, if you make a purchase or take action we receive compensation at no additional cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more information. When we decided to switch from taking walk-ups to taking reservations only, there didn’t seem to be a lot of reservation systems out there for us that […]

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Did you know that it’s easy to game the review system? Yup, and some reservation systems have that ability built in to the follow-up communication to your guests. The follow-up email will prompt your guests to select a rating (usually a 5-star system).  You, as the business-owner, can select a “threshold” — if the user […]



Guests love the little extras that will make their experience that much more interesting and enjoyable. If you’re an established tour operator or a fledgling enTourpreneur, you should probably already be offering add-ons. If you aren’t, this post will give you a strong start to learn what kinds of things you can give your guests […]



I’ve been thinking a lot about what we as tour operators offer not only our guests but the tasting rooms we visit. We cannot simply bring them “people”.  We have to bring them “engagement”. As a tour operator we serve both sides of the transaction — we are passionate about providing our guests a fantastic […]