SEOsmart develops and optimizes digital projects, integrating them with the client’s marketing strategies and sales plans to ensure best possible return.

We work hand in glove with clients and their suppliers to achieve the most effective results and to capitalize critical areas of expertise, with the eye on the long term.

Our focus is on measurement and management of digital marketing channels as well as search engine optimization.

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SEOsmart started up in 2014 as a company specializing in Digital Strategy and SEO. Our task is to implement digital activities, integrated with the client’s sales and marketing departments, with the aim of ensuring incremental returns, in the case of traditional businesses, or substantial returns in the case of e-commerce, whether in the form of turnover or market visibility.

Seeing the digital world as a channel that now needs to be integrated into the business of the company, our efforts have always been oriented towards client development of critical skills in digital activities management and the capitalization of this expertise over time. SEOsmart Service’s key figures are our Senior Digital Strategists and our SEO Strategists, who are ready there to assist the client. Our approach to digital marketing is scientific in its procedures, focusing intently on the achieving of objectives and the measurement of results.



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Search engine optimization, or SEO, comprises all of the actions used to raise the profile of a web project so that it features amongst the first organic search results seen by the target user.

It is a process that involves continuous analysis and constant adjustments for improved performance. The work is modulated over time until the web structure is completely harmonious. Our task is to optimise each and every one of the site's resources to favour the organic and natural positioning of individual pages by the use of clearly defined keywords.

We have an organic SEO, with which we pursue natural positioning for the web resources, such as their pages, images and PDF files, within the SERPs (search engine results pages). A series of complex systemic operations are carried out, each linked one to the other, with the aim of achieving the maximum number of relevant visits to the site.

Our approach is to aim for clear objectives

Digital Strategy


Our approach is to aim for clear objectives, in terms of leads and sales etc, by means of organic and incremental developments in the client’s business.


We have over time consolidated an integrated working method that starts out from a target market study and progresses to operational management of each value-adding digital activity.


We believe in providing training for our clients, raising their profiles and working to ensure that the client’s digital strategy becomes a business asset that is capitalised to realise value in the mid and long terms.


Development is an area of expertise that is complementary and integrated to the core business of SEOsmart service – digital strategy & seo

As portal and web application development is crucial to the success of digital projects, it is essential for them to be worked on coherently and in synergy with these.

Even though we are well used to working in portal optimisation with third party software alongside software specifically designed for the client, we also have much experience in direct development.

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