Could you drop this package off at Vilhelm's on your way home?

That scientist is responsible for many discoveries.

This cloth is agreeable to the touch.

Can you buy something to eat inside?

We have several bags here.

Don't listen to her! I promise you; she's just full of hot air.

In 1632, he published a book that stated, among other things, that the heliocentric theory of Copernicus was correct. Galileo was once again called before the Inquisition and this time was found guilty of heresy.

I was walking to the station then.

I live in comfort.

We're up against the wall.

I wish Grant were here with us now.

People are talking about this Internet phenomenon.

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Real friends stick together through thick and thin.

His friends called him Santa Claus; and those who were most intimate ventured to say, "Old Nick."

Ouch! I was stung by a bee.

Who will not write an essay?

How is the radius calculated, when the circumference is known?

Fascists are enabled by liberals' preference for abstractions over people.

I didn't think anyone would be here.

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I can't stop you.

Klava cuts her expenditures.

He studied ten hours a day on average.

Who watches the watchers?

That's outstanding.

Organize what you have found.

No one thinks so.

I almost called you.

I don't gamble anymore.


Nuclear power plants don't appeal to everybody.

He is an expert witness for the prosecution.

Michelle wasn't allowed to visit his father who was in prison.

Brendan sent for me.

Do you know Marika's e-mail address?

I have my supper at a quarter past seven.

It is a stereotype that police officers always eat doughnuts.


Don't try to blame this on us.

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Certain poisons, properly used, are useful.


Pfirsichbaeumchen writes in Berber.

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One's lifestyle is largely determined by money.

Dad came home a few minutes ago.

Wendi is going to ask me to marry him.


You should've been a farmer.

No point in threatening me. I'll still tell you nothing.

Mongo felt in his pocket for his keys.

I don't want to hear a story.

This is a public school.

She is my third cousin twice removed.

I just want to go to heaven.

I didn't understand what you said.

Every man has his own strong points.

They bought a new vacuum cleaner.

Down come the rain in torrents.


I'm going to take a short break.

I have attached for your convenience the FTP instructions to access our site.

Now I'm used to it.

We see a snow-capped mountain.

Put some paper into the copy machine.


Duncan is still a child.

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What you're proposing is ridiculous.

He brought his.

Roxana's in a slump lately.

I'll kill you.

Carole and I used to go to the same school.

Our club has a secret handshake.

Margie led a simple life.

Hold on one second.

And what was her answer?

Don't forget to call your parents.

Panacea did what he said he would do.

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Saiid is really serious, isn't he?

I already have butterflies in my stomach.

Dion and George got married on Christmas Eve.

Quality of life was measured using a 5-point Likert scale.

Where are the strawberries?


Now, when everything is gone, all we have left is the memory.

Danny hates them.

Be on your guard.

She made herself up before her visitor arrived.

Do they sell notebooks at that store?

He wanted to destroy it.

I like a lot of things.

This car is easy to drive.

When I said I was an atheist she looked down on me.


Randal is obsessive, isn't he?

I was keyed up over her impending operation.

The milk has a bad taste.

Clem sat down on the couch.

The things he says are not the least bit important.

Why the heck did you do this?

If you eat with someone you like, everything is delicious, if you eat with someone you don't like, everything is nasty. If you eat alone, you can't taste anything at all.


Clark teaches me French.


Rick didn't try very hard to find out what was wrong.

Do you see the raccoon?

The teacher is writing in his office.

That's what Ravi said, too.

Under the circumstances we have no choice but to surrender.

I've got a lot to learn from you.

Lanny is as handsome as ever.


Mr Yamada lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.


Many cities were destroyed by bombs.

This cheese is made from cow's milk.

The woman reads English.


Only human beings are capable of speech.

I lifted one up.

There is a castle in my town.

So who are we talking about?

She made up her mind to go to college.


He made a tour of Europe.


I want to get a real job.

I'm going to take my vacation in September rather than July.

It had to happen.

Tommy lives on his country estate.

I'm just venting my frustration.

This is the best money can buy.

Into this broad category fall companies that run money lending and insurance businesses.


School begins at nine and is over at six.


Maybe it never happened.

There's a chance he won't play on Friday.

There are many snakes in this forest.

Sundar promised to be here at 2:30.

Kids don't read books anymore.

My knife has such a fine edge.

The bus stops at Hotel Iceland.

I don't agree with the theory that one should learn Latin in order to better understand English.

A blanket of silence fell over everyone when they heard the disappointing announcement.

I'll leave that to you.

This song reminds me of someone I used to know.

It hasn't been won yet.

The patient finally conquered his illness.

He had a little operation on his left leg.

I saw the game.


I wonder who killed Sridhar.

I'm trying mah-jong for the first time.

Can I count on her?

Nicolette saw a snake slither across the path.

My university can't afford to grit its car parks.

Triantaphyllos couldn't think of any reasons why Bryce wouldn't want to go.

I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.


What do you need it for?

I advised you not to buy this house.

It verges on scorn.

I felt my hands tremble.

I don't know how old Emmett is now.


He is often wild.

The tea is getting cold due to the cold air.

I can vividly imagine that.

Are you seriously thinking about selling this online?

It's hard to tell her anything.

I'm such an idiot.

Murph started making fun of Ricky.

They agreed to start early.

I wasn't supposed to say yes.

Spencer is the underdog.

As for the Emperor, he is the ruler of the world. As for the barbarians, they are the servants of the world.

Joel tried to concentrate on his work.

Her face was covered with cum.

I have lived in Tokyo since 1985.

It was almost impossible to get around on that street.

Clem accomplished what we thought he wouldn't be able to accomplish.

I have no more money in my wallet.


This is a tried and true method of weight loss.

I just hope Naomi stays awake until Herb gets home.

A hot bath and then bed.

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It's a great little car.

"Are you still cold," she asked, as she kissed him on the forehead.

I've never told this to anyone.

Rajiv lowered the bucket into the well.

I am listening to the radio.

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What are you about?

The roof of the church needs repairs.

Louiqa rolled over in his sleep.