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They are dancing.


Why don't you hire a private detective?

Sylvan doesn't have to stay in the hospital.

I have push button phones.

Triantaphyllos is drunk again.

I forgot to tell them something.

Jeannette said he had better things to do.

Today is my day.

I usually take a shower first thing in the morning.

What we ended up learning was that the meat had been contaminated.

That was indeed the result of the vote.

Fred grew up to be a surgeon.

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Malloy has always been more interested in science than art.

Painting our house took longer than we expected.

The rumors are true.

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Thanks for taking Murthy fishing.


Lynnette barely said anything.


Presley managed to get on the school basketball team.

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We lost everything in the fire.

I just want my career back.

What's that got to do with us?

It all went according to plan.

You must try to understand how Subra feels.


Frederic isn't finished.


Whatever might happen, I won't change my mind.

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Wade likes the way Harris makes potato salad.

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He is afraid of making mistakes.

I am sorry I cannot help you.

You've got a great memory.


Robert comes to visit me every now and then.

His cottage is neat and comfortable; moreover, it can accommodate as many as ten people.

This is the first time I've ever made Bryan cry.


Why don't you ask her that?

The bread went hard.

The smallest child knows such a simple thing.

Bernie seemed better.

I can't decide which dress I should buy.


I don't have four brothers.


Dani doesn't usually wear jewelry.


Please accept my apologies for what I said just now.


Do you like carbonated water?

I'd like to ask one or two questions myself.

The case is not a rational case.

We're eating dinner at our friends' place.

I told them that was ridiculous.

Why didn't you call me up?

He lacks consciousness that he is a member of society.

I will stay here as my boss has ordered.

We don't sell junk food.

Can you freeze it?

Where exactly did you see Harvey?


Nature is full of mystery.

So, it's understood.

My mother doesn't like watching TV.

A collection of her verses has just been published.

I get up early in the morning.

Darci knows what he wants.

The weather was not only cold, it was also damp.

Subway fares will be raised by nearly ten percent as of April 1, 2001.

We've got to do a lot better.

There was a strange smell coming from the kitchen.

Last night Mizuki, very drunk, fell into the water while walking along the lakeside.

Why did I do that?

For goodness' sake, don't say that!

That envelope is a little too big, but it will be good. Better too big than too small, right?

I know something!

Very few children draw as well as Lori can.

He is lying on the baby.

Many a lonely moon was bright upon the battle-ground, and many a star kept mournful watch upon it, and many a wind from every quarter of the earth blew over it, before the traces of the fight were worn away.

We're not used to visitors.

You have a healthy baby boy.

Did you give birth at home or at a maternity hospital?

Taro passes for a scholar.

I'm sure Franklin's name is on the list.


I am repeating the answer.

They surrounded Antony.

Do you happen to know them?

Out of curiosity, do you guys go to Wal-Mart?

What will I write about today?


The old man approached.

Marla really likes antiques.

Jeany is having a good day.

Presume not on thy heart when mine is slain; thou gav'st me thine, not to give back again.

You will accompany the children to school.


We threw it away.

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You're not old enough to drink.

My nose is bleeding.

I'm in love with Raj.

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In the end, I had to fork over $500 for that antique radio.


How many shots did you hear?

You are all diligent.

The tree got the most beautiful colours!


What time will you come tomorrow?


I changed my address last month.

Winter in this area was extremely cold.

I made pancakes for breakfast.

You might want to sit down. This is going to take a while.

She's used to going to the museum on Sundays.


Is this camera for sale?

Penny was born here in Boston.

My mother left home ten minutes ago.

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Were you jealous of him?


She's not dumber than you.


Their business came to a standstill for want of money.


Lojban is alive only because problems in it continue to exist.

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Look at those curves!

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Do I look like an idiot?

It's as much an art as it is a science.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the maze.


That's the way she likes it.


I thought you were Cyrus.

Donn took out a book, opened it and started reading.

It will disturb you in your studies.


Manny made some bad investments.

She left home five years ago, and has never been heard of since.

They found an ancient bowl from 2,000 years ago.

What do you all want for Christmas?

Sanford doesn't seem all that busy.


There used to be lots of fireflies around here.

I'll see if Victor's in his office.

She translated that word for word.

I need something to write with.

I'm a senior high school student.

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It would be nice if you had a wedge of lime I could squeeze into my icewater.

Nobody can stop Srikanth.

Don't let a little quarrel come between us.

Could there be something sadder than the prison cell of someone with a life sentence?

She frankly admitted her guilt.


The raincoat sheds water perfectly.

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We were at a loss what to do.

I'm going to the United Kingdom.

We stayed at an inexpensive hotel.


I'm speaking with my student.

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Do I need the surgery?


Please turn off the radio.


It seems that you are not having a good time here.

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I'm searching for food.

Just as he was getting the hang of things, they changed all the rules.

I cannot hang a picture in my office. It's forbidden.

This reference book is of benefit to you all.

If you weren't exposed to a language until you were an adult, you are very, very unlikely to ever sound like a native speaker of that language.

It's nice of him to bring such presents.

This smoking pipe is made from briar root.

I didn't know that woman at all.

Stop worrying, and get some sleep.


The soldiers thought that they might be home for Christmas.


My mom is partial towards my brother. For example, yesterday she gave him an extra cookie.

A black coat is in fashion this winter.

My friend is studying Korean.

I wasn't at my best today.

Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

If you consider his age, then you can't blame him for his actions.

Where's Piercarlo's bicycle?