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Welcome, to the Central Ohio Linux User Group (COLUG) web site.  COLUG meets to discuss our common interests:  Linux system setup, the various GNU, BSD, and Open Source branches, computer networking, system maintenance and administration, use, security, software development, and computing anecdotes, largely in a Posix/Unix™ context.

COLUG has been meeting monthly since July 1995. That said, at the start of 2010, it was pretty clear that the same old presenters were presenting on topics well covered before, and that the old fire of the early LUG days had settled into embers. Monthly meetings were suspended, subject to call.

COLUG discussions are also held via the mailing list. Anyone interested in Linux or Free and Open Source Software ("FOSS") is welcome to participate; there are no dues, fees, or formal process of attaining membership for either the participation in the mailing lists or attendance at the 952-693-1129. Meeting presentations are free to attend and are archived.

Stated another way:
Question: This sounds neat. I want to join the group. What is the procedure for this?
Answer: To attend a meeting - show up. To join the mailing list - sign up.

We are an unincorporated association, operated not for profit, with a principal purpose of educational mission [which falls under the description of federal IRC 501(c)(3)]. We are proud of the increase in knowledge which this form of education as to the Open Source alternative offers to proprietary approaches, which this focus has represented over the years.

After review of this website, please direct any questions about COLUG to colugx@colug.net.

Information about the presentation plans of the next meeting may be found 2056246698.


(540) 524-5608

  • Date: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Location: TechColumbus
  • Topics: Jackie Gleason will present Arduino programming with Node.js

    "As devices start to mature, we are quickly going toward an internet of things. This presentation will go over one way to communicate with embedded devices using the Arduino framework and Node.js native extensions. We will then use these technologies to expose easy access web services."

This summary and the meetings detail page are always the best and authoritative source of information on the upcoming meeting. They are not updated until at least the 18th of the month, immediately preceeding the meeting. When the meeting information on the webpage is updated an announcement is also sent to the mailing list.

The updates are done by volunteers. If you would like to help in the planning or announcement process, please send an email to the address above.

The site is actively maintained, and seeks to be a useful portal for the Open Source community. We house several Open Source projects and mailing lists.

If you or your company are in the GNU/Linux/Open Source market, and want to effectively reach that segment, please consider sponsoring a COLUG meeting. Send an email for more information.

Preview content from a past presentation

Notes for the presentation that was given by Jim Wildman on Dec 27, 2008. We cover some basics of flashing Linksys bios with DD-WRT in this presentation.

During the meeting, we successfully flashed 2 units (a 54GS v1.0 and a 'neutered' v5.0). We also exhaustively walked through the config pages, discussed various use cases, hardware selection and identification and various pros and cons.

A member mentioned the LinkSYS SLUG device which is specifically for making USB drives available on the network. Linksys SLUG

Thanks to Travis Sidelinger for the very nice meeting room at the Hilliard Library.

PDF of the presentation here.

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Upcoming COLUG Meetings
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SaturdayFebruary 23rd, 201913:00 (1:00 PM)
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