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What is the TEVO Score?

The trusted standard that measures internal business risk and calculates market value for privately held companies

Every business owner will at one time or another ask the question, “what’s my company worth?” Current methods are incomplete and often too expensive, lacking actionable information for business owners seeking to learn the potential sale price for their company. What they need is a simple, trustworthy way to understand and unlock that value. With the TEVO score, they have their answer.

The TEVO score helps business owners know their probable sale price by indicating the current and potential multiple, which is the estimated enterprise value based on revenue or EBITDA. TEVO is also a measure of risk.

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Comprised of 5 Factors

Comprised of 5 Factors

More than just financial risk, the TEVO score looks at the strength of the management team, reliance on the owner, value of the customer base and even legal compliance and human resource risks.



Once business owners understand their TEVO score, they gain confidence and control in business interactions and negotiations, strengthening their position and widening their opportunities.



The TEVO score is setting a standard relied upon by the expert advisors business owners trust most.