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Empowering knowledge.
Improving patient outcomes.

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of medical information solutions. Our Clinical Solutions provide the latest evidence-based knowledge and clinical tools, helping physicians, nurses and other practitioners make better decisions and deliver better care at every stage in the patient journey.

About Elsevier

Every day, science, health and technology professionals use Elsevier’s information solutions to improve the quality of care they provide and advance their research. Our technology empowers more efficient clinical workflows, our evidence-based content supports better decisions, and our partnerships enable pioneering advancements for healthcare organisations.

We provide over 25% of the world’s clinical content

We serve over 20 million healthcare professionals

We have partnered with healthcare educators and professionals for 130 years

How we help

Protecting patient outcomes,
reducing costs

With the increasing rate of acceleration in understanding genomics, pathophysiology or physiology, healthcare practitioners cannot keep pace – their training, intuition and experience will no longer be enough to protect patient outcomes.
The risks are too great. Knowledge variability can lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary procedures or incorrect treatment, potentially resulting in adverse events, or even death. But it also leads to wasted resources and clinical workflow inefficiencies.

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The patient journey

Across the entire care continuum, Elsevier Clinical Solutions support every stage of the patient’s journey by providing the right knowledge in the right context at the point of care.

Our Goal

Empowering care providers and patients

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US2, and Australia has the one of highest rates of medical error in the world3. We recognise that care providers want to reduce variability and the risk of human error – so our Clinical Solutions provide unprecedented evidence-based knowledge to help you deliver the highest quality of care.

A reduction in:

Variability of care

Human error


An increase in:



Best Practices

Want to reduce the variability that represents a constant threat to patients’ safety and welfare? We can help.


No other provider

has solutions for every stage of the patient journey

Evidence-based content updated regularly, integrated into EMRs and workflows

The most current, credible medication data and clinical decision support tools

Investing in integrated technology to impact the future of healthcare

Our Solutions

Empower your medical practitioners. Educate your staff and students. Engage your patients. Choose from our broad and flexible range of Clinical Solutions, designed for different healthcare settings and knowledge requirements to encourage a quality culture across your organisation.



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The greatest threat to a Healthcare Organisation.

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