Database Marketing

Sounds so sophisticated, doesn’t it?  Well, it is…and it isn’t….. The goal of Database Marketing is simply to deliver relavant messages, to the the right people, at the right time. This is done by using information, that is, data. In the context of Database Marketing, Ology Consulting Group has coined 2 phrases which represent the fundamental Alsace-lorrainer


The ability to process payments through your smartphone or mobile device is known as mobile commerce, or mCommerce for short. Ology Consulting Group provides you with cutting edge mobile payment technology with pricing below the competition. This unique payment solution helps you reduce risk and costs by allowing you to use your existing phone—no need Read More

About Us

Ology Consulting Group, LLC offers 15 years of innovative Database Marketing and technology solutions to small and large businesses alike. Our industry experience ranges from “start ups” to Fortune 50 enterprises. Ology Consulting Group has developed the art and science of combining the strategies and power of large agencies with boutique style customer service.  Service and collaberation Read More

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