Joel is ready to lead.

It sure is convenient.

This word is difficult.

I don't want to associate with Yumiko; she usually tells lies.

She sews with a needle and thread.

She will call you soon.

You will not be charged for another delivery.

I am glad I was not born before tea.

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Tollefsen didn't do his homework.

The baggage is insured.

Experiments can be attached to the outside of a spacecraft to see how the space environment affects different things.

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Take as many peaches as you like.


Gambling brought about his failure.

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Horst has decided to major in music.

Do you recognize him?

Happy the one who further desires nomore!

He showered her with expensive gifts.

Donnie and Orville and their children all live together in a small house on the outskirts of Boston.

I did the best I could.

Could you spell that for me, please?

The movie ran 85 minutes.

It happend completely by accident.

Daryl usually accomplishes whatever he tries to do.

Do you want us to take you with us?


Nici couldn't find the bus stop.

He's somewhere in the park.

This box will serve as a chair.


Sofia came home disappointed.

I didn't miss my watch till I got home.

There was a storm that night.


We are able to deliver within a week.

The problem has been solved.

Pratapwant kept me waiting for three hours.

It's just a boy.

We've got to make sure Bryce doesn't do that.

I've known Sir for years.

I won't play second fiddle for anyone.


Her eyes are her best feature.

I said I had a bomb.

Isn't that right, Elsa?

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The sun broke through the clouds.


The rich are apt to look down on people.

Mayo has learned how to swim.

Dean said that he didn't want to be disturbed.

I might try to do that.

I want to buy another.

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Light waves travel through space and various kinds of materials.


I'll be there in a few minutes.

It's no secret that Wolfgang doesn't agree with you.

Len and I'll be neighbors soon.


How many boys are there in this class?

The Caribbean abounds with islands.

She was punished for her crimes.

He would go fishing in the river when he was a child.

Shoppers hurried along the sidewalk.

What's your favorite fast food?

It's nothing you need to worry about.

You're out of toilet paper.

We're too old to be doing this kind of thing.

I sold my guitar today.

I thought the show was excellent.


Bob's really chip off the old block.

He broke up the concrete block with a hammer.

He angrily tore up the letter from her.

They have but the shadow of freedom.

You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

He has to make a speech at the party.

She turned away for fear he see her tears.

I'd like to help you get what you need.

I often go to the sea.

I want to speak to Bill.

She elbowed her way through the crowd.


In marriage, settling down benefits men more than women.

The GNP has been growing at a snail's pace.

We're involved.

Put those guns away.

He availed himself of the 'off-and-on' holidays to visit his native country.


I'd rather live alone.

Can you tell me how to get to the Hilton Hotel?

Are there any messages for me?

Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit.

Tiefenthal wants to tell you something.


It's no walk in the park.

We've got more money than we know what to do with.

Joanne is very possessive, isn't he?

The top is covered with snow.

Christofer got up and began pacing.


I had him do my homework.

The army is in the north to protect the border.

On what grounds are you arresting me?

Tai's car is still out back.

What does Walt mean by that?


I'm sick of being hurt.


The public bought it hook, line and sinker, didn't they?

You must've had a hard time.

It's time to talk.


Mehrdad didn't do anything.


I am indeed very glad to hear that.

Lester's grandfather and Alan's grandfather fought together in World War II.

I'm sure that Vivek didn't mean to hurt you.


I have an urgent message from Isidore.


It looked like a strike to me from here.

Raphael came home late last night.

I think him a good teacher.

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Helen signaled Rodger to stop.

Are you based in Boston?

She became a great-great-grandmother just days before turning ninety-nine.

I watched a Swedish movie last night.

Eliot caught me off guard.


Barney has been sitting there for a really long time.

He doesn't know how to ride a bike.

I did all the work.

When eating, the largest plate is always the table.

Your party is on the line.

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This place is quite nice.

Never cross the street without checking that no cars are coming.

I love you more than anyone else.

I never asked for this.

Do you want to ask anyone else a question?

I just want to make one final point : you're fired.

The report turned out to be false.

I will be all tied up tomorrow afternoon.

Mr Wang is from China.

When I was in school, I dreamed of becoming a pilot.

The court declared him innocent on the charge of murder.


Tigger is defensive.

What do you think about Arthur's problem?

This letter was written in great haste and contains many errors.


Your lack of sleep will catch up with you someday.

I don't like the way Jakob looks at me.

Socorrito agreed to wait.

We should keep our hands clean.

The pigeon flew in the window.

What's Jagath doing there?

Can you tell me where to put this?

Can you drive?

He is going beneath the shadows.

I'm free tonight

Perhaps you'd like to join us.

I had hardly fallen asleep when the telephone rang.

Tell him it was a mistake.


Beckie got divorced again.


Let me alone.

The second course contains meat.

The greatest gift that someone can give you is their love and their time.

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He said, 'May God help us!'

Violence does not pay, and never will.

Lois seemed to take it personally.

It's raining outside.

Being rich isn't enough.

Could we speak to her?

Do you believe that he is telling the truth?


Did you ever do that?

You should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

I meant to call.

Himawan would never lie to Konrad.

Let me call him.

He's very cute and he's really smart.

Let's go into the garden.


I'd like to see you tomorrow.

He bent over and picked up small stones.

This is a very serious matter.

Olof let Cecilia take the credit for organizing the party.

Caleb doesn't have the time to help Suzan right now.

They distributed pamphlets to passers-by.

I can look at it when you're ready.