When can Robin come home?

Hold your nose so you don't smell the stench.

You eat too much junk food.

Wolfgang and Honzo found it difficult raising six kids on one income.

No language produces more sentences on Tatoeba containing the name of the own language than Esperanto.

It's not a big deal.

He advocated reduction of taxes.

Julius and I study French together.

You disgust me.

It may be wise to do what they ask.

I'm not blushing!

What do you think, Stephe?

Don't let us down.

Dr. Skeleton is known for his study on ghosts.

That might be difficult.

Dave knew Stanley had a roommate.

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We all have our flaws.

Geez, that must be tough on you. How do you put up with it?

Brent called Roger to ask why she wasn't at the party.


I'm not sure as to when he will turn up.

Put yourself together.

Lowell went first.

Amarth is trying to suppress a smile.

He is home on leave.

I learned about Greek culture.

Show me what you have.

Amanda came to my office early yesterday afternoon.

What do you want to do after you graduate?


Straka spent all weekend reading a historical novel.

I think Venkata is pulling your leg.

Germany is one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

It was a slip of the tongue.

He has the capacity to be a future leader of the nation.

Malloy hasn't been able to get a hold of Manjeri, even though he's been trying to call her all week.

I think Caroline found a new job.

A man who breaks his promises cannot be trusted.

Ken was in Japan last year.


You too have no idea how important you are for me.

This is why I dislike cats.

I want to thank you for everything you've done.

My shift's over soon.

I thought I told you to throw that away.

At the dinner party he insisted on my making a speech.

I have just three more questions.


Meeks was friendly.

Roughly how many minutes does it take to get to the station by taxi?

They won't let this pass.

I'm incredibly tired.

Will you go out tomorrow?

I gave her her dictionary back.

Why didn't you just ask?


Without you, I am nothing.

Stephen has left the building.

She gave clothes to the gypsies out of charity.

Free transportation will be provided, but you are expected to pay for your own food and drinks.

This is unacceptable to me.


No sooner had I done so than it began to rain.

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Winston just got back from Boston.


The IRS is auditing me.

There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?

Is it about ten million yen?

I've never had a nightmare.

What language do you think in?


Why don't you strike out on your own?

He ought to pass the examination, for he is very capable.

Everyone says that he's a good man.


The gentleman took off his gloves and top hat.

I'm going to go out for a while.

That's all I need.

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That's good thinking, Klaus.

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Pablo brushed the sand off his pants.

So how's it going in Egypt?

If Sean had asked me for some money, I'd have given it to him.

Liisa put her hand on Markku's shoulder.

Cory carried the injured bat back to his house in a cardboard box.


Yes, you need to practice every day.

Tell her that I am praying.

Did you hurt your back?


I told Archie he could be my partner.


We have to get dressed.

Sekar's been so busy lately he doesn't know whether he's coming or going.

Tomorrow I won't be here.

Has anyone spoken to them?

When was the last time you sharpened this knife?


Anyone could do that.

I didn't mean to trouble you, I wanted to help you.

So that's what it's all about!

He looked radiant.

Shyam wants to buy an apartment in Boston.

Rudolph had something he needed to talk to Chip about.

Go take a walk.

When summer is over, the days grow shorter and shorter.

In linguistics, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis states that there are certain thoughts of an individual in one language that cannot be understood by those who live in another language.

This is the beginning of a new era.

Georgina bit her lips until they bled.

Lee is adorable.

We can't be happy here any longer.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


That night he dreamed a horrible dream.

He is an actor among actors.

You can use or contribute to this project.

Toufic knows how to talk to children.

Come back.

I rode my bike to the dentist in the rain.

Going to Boston is one of the things Norm wants to do next year.

It's common knowledge that the earth turns on its axis.

Those who were present were very glad at the news.

I'll call her and apologize.

I could make that happen.

I have to rehearse.

A pack of wolves attacked the traveler.

I'm not a loser.

Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time.

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It's been a busy two days.

Where does he want to go?

He dropped in on me.



Let's end this.

A big dog, sitting on its tail, was watching the fire.


Winston eats brown rice more often than white rice.

Why don't you come and see me sometime?

He really wanted to go to the States.

In a democracy, it's important for the press to be independent.

She can do 90 miles an hour.

We'll need chairs.

He asked her where she lived.


Stay very still.


You should've told me.

There's a lot of flu going around now.

Do a lot of people live in your town?

You never gave it a chance.

Randy is here in Boston with me.

That's not quite true.

I finally stopped trying to persuade Jeanne to clean his room.

Why was Nicolas in Boston last week?

Jackye won't speak to Earle.

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"I should have used a condom," lamented Tomas.


The town gave birth to many men of note.


The legend says that the day she died, an eclipse darkened the skies.

People say that life is short.

I shouldn't have gone anywhere.


Vick said he was an artist.


I would like to visit Egypt, one day.

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Will I need a prescription?


ALS slowly destroys the nerves and muscles needed for moving your body.

Boyd asked Lee what kind of movies she liked.

She takes sewing classes.

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We were very close.

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I'm looking for a place to work out.

Kenneth is old enough to make his own decisions.

He has an eye for people.

Ukraine's glory has not yet perished, neither her freedom.

It's only illegal if you get caught.

The world is harsh.

She has a 10 percent interest in the company.

We mustn't add wood to this fire.

There are many houses destroyed by the earthquake.

It's not a big thing.

Stop! Thief!

This is perfectly conceivable.

She is not the kind of person you think she is.

Rayan was unable to control his emotions and burst into tears.

He looks healthy.


Sometimes I'm scared of the dark.

It was not hard to fit in at all. Everyone was very welcoming.

I'm not familiar with this part of the subject.