What are you going to be when you grow up?

There's just one day left.

The problem is her.

I don't see why I had to come along.

They accept students like her.

What if they say no?

You'll look beautiful in this embroidered gown!

Keith seems to be in agony.

What did you do in the meantime?

I translate, therefore I am.

Pravin weighed his options.

Jean hates it when it's cold.

This is the first time I've yelled at Rajiv.

She went to Italy for the purpose of studying music.


Where are the other girls?


This can't wait until morning.

I'm just talking to my friends.

His life is a moral example to everyone.

I prefer going for a walk to seeing the movie.

Perhaps we should contact them.

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Chris bought a new winter coat.


What do you do, exactly?


He locked himself in the bathroom.

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Summer begins early in my country.

There's a fuel shortage even in the Tokyo area.

We have an agreement, don't we?

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Marco gave Gregor the note.

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You're disappointed, aren't you?


The company is in debt.

You don't want to keep him waiting.

It is bad manners to make noises at table.

Kamel shouted for help, but no one came.

His horse won by three lengths.

He might be at home.

I'd like to ask a question.


I have been to the library.


It grieves me to see that little orphan.

Ask Joachim how Jiri is.

Finally, I finished a painting.


Everything Bush does is right.

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Are you surprised to see me here?


She has been sick since last week.

He was impolite, not to say rude.

The hotel does not permit guests to keep pets.

Why is it there?

Let him rest.

For man, there is no beast more scary than man.

This plan is fool-proof.

Just as water, gas, and electricity are brought into our houses from far off to satisfy our needs in response to a minimal effort, so we shall be supplied with visual or auditory images, which will appear and disappear at a simple movement of the hand, hardly more than a sign.

I love the way Meeks laughs.

We're still in shock.

Amir was suspicious.

The tail at the rear of the plane provides stability.

Her cleverness often amazes me.

Let us know your thoughts about this.

This evening we'll go home.


That's a blatant lie.

Everything that lives will die sometime.

I'm studying with Pierre.


We've eaten.


I gave her a hug.

Don't beat about the bush.

I think you should choose Brandon.

The world is a place of seemingly infinite complexity.

Don't call me your son.


The grapes seem to be sour.

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You sold me out.

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Young as he is, he is a very reliable person.


I'm very surprised to see you here.

I didn't mean to do that.

You should go hang out with your friends.

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Absorbing information on the internet is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.

Torsten was surprised by Calvin's behavior.

If you make a mistake, just cross it out neatly.


She made up her face in 20 minutes.


I'm convinced Sandeep is lying.

Politicians from many countries made pilgrimages to the White House.

I will call a policeman.


Come and see me anytime you want to.

The cat maimed three squirrels.

Jesse was playing basketball with a group of friends.

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I was just wondering if you have any experiences you would like to share with us.

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Think walked through the park.


They always associated a heavy rain with flood.


I'd better go see what Mosur found out.

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OK. I think I understand what you're asking.

Brandi is in the hospital now.

The space cadets said that at the end of the wormhole might be another universe.

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She goes to junior high.

We are anticipating receiving a gift from our uncle.

Are you going to go talk to Mehrdad or not?


Do you know how Morton is related to Kimberly?

The river is in high spate.

Open the door and let in the dog.

It's more than we could have hoped for.

There are many factors.

I wonder how Sedovic will get out of that mess.

I'm sorry if my being here embarrasses you.

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I don't want to go with them.

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Get out of this car.

Where were you last night?

I don't appreciate being interrupted.

Which way should I go?

What is the main goal of this project?


Success breeds success.

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You've got a lot of explaining to do.

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At the end of the day I'm sore.

Terrence may be back tonight.

The mesosphere is cold enough to freeze water vapor into ice clouds. You can see these clouds if sunlight hits them after sunset. They are called noctilucent clouds.

I thought it was terrible.

There's just one problem here.

This is your house.

I'll let you go.

Who is your enemy?

He has a crush on Justin Bieber.


To each his own passion.

Is that your knapsack?

Something's happened to her.

I will hug them.

How much do the oranges cost?

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This is a post office, and that's a bank.


I'll get this to him.

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You could've resuscitated Noemi.


Television turned on, she patrols in front of the CRT. "Hey you, food's up!"

We were told to stay on the ship.

Someone knocked on the door.

A baby has no moral compass.

Don't tell me what to eat.

Why do you need to do that now?

We had a narrow escape from the explosion.

I'm sure Miriam had nothing to do with this.

He walked away with a sad look on his face.

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What's the deal with Lawrence?

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Harvey wants you to help him.

I hope you don't mind.

Shane was married to Vernon.

Help Allen.

You can get good food for a modest sum at the restaurant.


Can Warren tell us about it?

Ami doesn't make as much money as Kerry.

I've done everything you've asked me to do.

My mother warned me not to marry you.

No, I'm still a bachelor.

Is that real?

I don't want her to know this.


You must pay attention to every minute detail from now on.


I knew Tor wouldn't have enough money.

Your driver's license has expired.

Jem seems really embarrassed.


You didn't mean it, did you?

It happened that the day was my birthday.

Stay calm. I promise nothing bad will happen to you.