Rainbow loom, is one of the newest, most fun, crafts that is definitely “in style”. Rainbow loom is an extremely popular bracelet making kit that boys and girls of all ages enjoy. This fun craft includes a “loom” that makes it fun and easy to make stretchy cute bracelets. Also if you get better and better at making these bracelets there are all types of easy and hard stitches that you can learn by simply going on youtube. Not only do they have tons of colors and glow in the dark bracelets, but they also have scented and sparkly rubber bands.ossific
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click on the word medium and the video will show up all you have to do is push play.

This is a video me and my friend made to the song “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars.  We just had fun making little dances to different sections of the song.

When we were making the video we just kept changing locations and outfits to make it more interesting!  Guess which one is me( When we were younger we pretended to be twins so good luck!!!)


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I think everyone should discuss school uniforms. Not all schools have them but if your school does, you know what I’m talking about!  Sure it’s easier to pick out an outfit in the morning but really that is not half as fun.  You can’t be creative and show off what you like and don’t like. For example, at my school we have to wear a pleated skirt, a collared shirt, AND a blazer!!!! If you’re with me on this, which I hope you are, we really have to start spreading the word! Obviously the schools do it to make the students look appropriate, but the schools could set guidelines for what we are wearing  so we don’t wear anything that looks sloppy.  That way we won’t have to wear uniforms and we will look fine so everybody can get their way!!

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Last night I went 2 the REVOLUTION Soccer Game !!!!!!!!!!!! I went with my mom, my brother, and his friend.  After a car ride of all country music (annoying) which seemed like forever , we finally got to Gillette Stadium. When we got there we parked the car in VIP 5  lot and went upstairs to find our seats. We decided to eat some dinner quickly. When we finally got to our seats everybody was cheering”Go Diego go” and before we knew it he got a GOAL.   At half time we got some M&Ms and enjoyed the half time show “the band”.  When the game was over we were going to our car and walked right into where the players parked there cars.  So they asked us to leave that lot (it was just an accident.)   It was an AWESOME REVS game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On Wednesday night straight from M.I.T. camp I went to my grandmother’s house to see the game.  All of us where so happy to just see the first goal, so when the Bruins won we were ecstatic!!!!!!!

Then on Saturday we could hear screaming all around because our house is on the parade route. When we saw the Bruins get on the Duck Boats on our TV we went outside to see them!!!It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s my last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well technically it was yesterday because today is just when people get prizes like Citizenship award, Public Speaking award, Written English award, Prima (smartest),and Seconda (second smartest).   I won Prima, a prize!  My best friend won Seconda.  We got to go up together to get our prizes.  Pretty cool!

Now there’s no more homework,  just summer reading which is reading 5 books, pretty annoying………….but it’s better than homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And after prize day my grade goes to Larz Anderson for an end of the year party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We play capture the flag, eat a lot of junk food, and relax!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well hello…….SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lazy_Song

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Last night after soccer practice I had to bring my friend home.  We got to ride in a new convertible and we also got to put the top down.  After a week of rain, we took advantage of that.  So from the Teddy Ebersol Red Sox Field to the Ritz Towers we sang at the top of our lungs with wind blowing in our face “California Girls” by Katy Perry and EVERYONE was staring at us but it was a blast anyway.  And everyone thought we were either weird or adorable! That was our crazy drive!!!!!!

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My Callalilai skirt

Cool Skirt

Last week me and my mom were shopping on Newbury St. and I saw this store and asked my mom if we could go in.  So then we went in the store and it had women and girls’ clothes.  They had just opened that exact day.  It’s called “Callililai”.

Buuutt…….the best part of all were the skirts!  They are so unique and pretty.  But hey, it’s french.  Ooo La La!!  At the end me and my mom got a skirt, and it probably got my mom some buisness for her business:

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