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Today's Strategy - Training & Development.

Do you believe your people need more training?
Do they need more information?
Some days do you simply feel like opening someone's head and pouring in some knowledge?

In today's 'info overload' society many have come to realize it's not that people don't know, it's that they know too much but they are unable to draw upon their knowledge and select the appropriate information to solve the problem at hand. In a sense many people experience 'paralysis by analysis' through information overload. Based on this may I suggest that rather than training you try educating?

Educate - Latin educatus, pp. of educare refers frequently to the mind; 'e' (out) + ducere (to lead, to draw)

The ancient Greeks knew that educating was not about 'putting in' but by definition to 'draw out'.

Strategy - The next time you want to 'educate' your staff, child, spouse, friend - start by asking a question. Let their response help you form another question. It takes patience but it's quite remarkable how people come to their own understanding through this process. Try it and watch what happens!

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