DC Foreclosure Specialist, LLC 
We 're trained to help you. It's more than just a job.... It's Our Mission     


We are a professional and Christian based company that specializes in the permanent correction of foreclosure issues faced by homeowners. Honesty is a top priority for us and we only accept clients we truly believe we can help. We will conduct a brief interview with you to evaluate your financial situation. If we feel you do qualify and you choose us we will work directly with your lender on your behalf to obtain a payment plan that will fit your budget while helping you avoid foreclosure

Are you past due on your mortgage? Fear the repercussions of foreclosure? We’re here to provide the services you need at DC Foreclosure Specialist. We are a third-party negotiator with a staff of professionals that knows the foreclosure process and the steps that are available to help you save your home and stop the foreclosure

Did you know that even if your home is already in the foreclosure process, it’s not too late to save your home? It is possible to reinstate your loan if you get current on your loan payments. At DC Foreclosure Specialist, we will work on your behalf with the lender to get you the payment plan, affordable to your budget that you need to stop the process of foreclosure. And if you are not at the foreclosure stage yet, a payment plan affordable to your budget may help you avoid the possibility

DC Foreclosure Specialist is a Christian based third-party negotiator, dedicated to meeting the needs of homeowners facing foreclosure throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. We have built a solid reputation with mortgage company principals nationwide and utilize our specialized knowledge and combined years of mortgage industry-related experience to provide the professional representation that’s so often required for you to succeed with your lender and keep your home. We look forward to working on your behalf.

If you are a homeowner having difficulties meeting your current mortgage obligations, and you meet certain requirements, we are here for you at DC Foreclosure Specialist. Our goal is to permanently solve your mortgage foreclosure problems without resorting to the bankruptcy courts. We will advise you on the various options that you have available to start to make payments to your lender, and we will directly negotiate with your lender on your behalf.

Our name reflects exactly who we are at DC Foreclosure Specialist. We specialize in helping people get out of foreclosure by looking at each case individually based on your past and present financial situation. We also believe that honesty is essential in all that we do, so we only accept clients who qualify for foreclosure relief options that are available and will then negotiate with your lender to stop foreclosure, save your home, and resolve your case.

At DC Foreclosure Specialist we have a dedicated team of Professionals Nationwide Foreclosure Prevention Specialist that analyzes your financial situation to see if you qualify for a variety of options that will find a permanent solution to your problems. DC Foreclosure Specialist will help you to keep your most prized possession your home.

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