Will you go to the meeting in my place?


There was no avoiding him.

Oh, now I feel the wind blow hi, hi, hi, hi.

Have you got over your cold yet?


It was not until I called that he came.

It was this skirt that Sridharan bought yesterday.

He is the Edison of Japan.

It is important whether we win the game or not.

I don't want to take a walk now.

I will bring back a lot of food.

Do you have a better idea?

Toby needs answers.

This car pulled up in front of the bank.

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I hope we beat them.

Are we going to be OK?

She loves the child as if it were her own.

Yes, he shaved all the frets off of his bass guitar, but it doesn't make him Jaco Pastorius.

I was never good at figures.

He hit me in the eye.

Kirsten wondered if he had been lied to.

They would have been killed if the car had gone over the cliff.

You're not mad at me, are you?

Louise denied the accusation.

Jeff deserves an explanation.

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Reality is just a point of view.

I just came by to tell you that I won't be able to attend this week's meeting.

She loves books too.


Ravindran is a very sound sleeper.

Anybody here?

Subra never wrote back to Wes.


You must learn to obey instructions.

But I'm not sure whether it brings happiness to everybody.

We are decorating the pottery.

I often read English and Chinese blogs online.

His mother used to be a singer.

I want a cup of coffee, please.

I haven't seen her in a long time.

It was a great victory for Jackson.

I hope we'll meet again.

He's laughing at me because my lips are stained with squid ink.

I stepped up to the shelves so that I could get an overview of the books in my host's library.

John left home in a hurry.

Things got a bit hectic.


I'm working with him now.

Po watched attentively.

I'll look after him.

Sridharan isn't so confident.

That's where it's happening.

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Her mother was busy cooking the dinner.

He always stands aloof from the masses.

Hotta can't seem to stop talking about you.

I have started skipping lunch with a view to losing weight.

We must go there whether we like it or not.

They asked for our advice.

The champagne cork popped out.


I can't remember how to go there.

It was unbearably hot.

She always has a serious look on her face.


Click the OK button.


Have it on my desk by tomorrow.

I understand the concept.

They put the blame on me.

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Abbiati and Ambrosini asked to cancel the game and reschedule it due to the great shock at the loss of their dear friend Simoncelli.

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Can you get any closer?

I'll buy this desk for Hein.

Who does this guitar belong to?

I've lost weight.

As regards the expense involved, it is of no concern to me.

Everybody is great.

Doyle and Casper were there.

I'm so ugly.

Almost all the workers objected to working at night.


Let me see your hand, that I may read the future.


Anton won't know.

You had better leave it unsaid.

I'd like to do that.

She slipped in crossing the road.

Dean is fast asleep in bed.

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Go with your friends.


I just couldn't do it anymore.

Dan lost sight of his daughter.

Is it necessary for us to go?

This is very amusing.

I think we need to go back to Boston.

He happened to visit me.

Is today his birthday?

We don't want to overreact.

You should do whatever you think is right.

Its potential influence cannot be overestimated.

I always order the daily special when I eat lunch at this restaurant.

If you do like this, you won't justify your friends' trust.

In doing things, we cannot be too careful.

I fell asleep while listening to the radio.

How many liters of water does this swimming pool hold?

I hate people like Dustin.

However late you may be, be sure to wake me.

He was busy, and yet he came to help us.

I'm very sorry I got home so late.

I have enough time for that.

The crowd grew larger minute by minute.

Gail is too poor to hire a lawyer.

I could ask Claudio to babysit for us tonight.


Would you like to stay for lunch?

We are at war.

Herve hasn't registered for classes yet.


She wanted proof.

We're in an open war.

I think it's time we left.

We swam across the bay.

Jason promised to let me know what happened.

Flies and mosquitoes interfered with his meditation.

I'm not going to answer any more questions.

Pantelis doesn't remember very much.

There seems to be a big crowd gathering outside our office building.

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He knew a lot of songs, too.

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Louise isn't calling.

Don't expect me in case it should be rainy.

There's always a catch.


You can be charged with child endangerment for driving while intoxicated if you're carrying passengers younger than 15 years old.

May I leave my homework here?

Move up to the front, please.

What did you think of her?

I can't stand it here any longer.

His brother had been a truck driver for thirty years.

Norm repacked his suitcase.

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Take a look at this.

Skef said we needed to keep trying.

She worked through the night.


My father won't allow that.

He was so tired that he couldn't walk.

This play is a musical.

We got along great.

Sangho's grandmother looks healthy.

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She gave me a present.

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I had intended to visit Boston last year.

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Learning French is useful.

She cried reading the letter.

Albert knows who they are.

The Ice Age was a time when woolly mammoths roamed the Earth.

Personal liberty is diminishing nowadays.


Po wanted a bicycle.

I like to spend winters in Germany.

Ellen seems to be successful.

Until you admit that you were wrong, I'm not going to talk to you.

Linder had a little trouble adjusting the settings.


Amy had blisters on his hands.


The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters.


Sir and Raphael are both still single.

Dan was living well beyond his means.

I hope Father will come home from abroad soon.


Ramadoss said that her parents would kill her if they found out that she was going out with Pandora.

Thanks for translating my sentences. I appreciate it.

Maybe this isn't a bad thing.

There's no evidence that Gunnar has done anything illegal.

I won't answer that.

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You scared the living day lights out of me!

Jacques and Raanan don't even know each other.

Robin doesn't believe Laurent did what John said she did.

Griff was the first to arrive.

Can anybody guess what this is?

You've been very nice about it.

Can you recommend a good story where a handsome prince and an ordinary girl fall in love?

That's why I recommend him for the post.

Destiny is sometimes cruel.


Do watch your step.