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What we do

Outcome.life is an International Student Community focused on employment outcomes through intern and Professional Year placements, seminars and networking events.

Internships and Professional Year placements prepare international graduates for work in Australia and, together with our hosted seminars and events, set the foundations to secure ideal employment.

Our coworking space Outcome-Hub, further empowers international students and graduates to achieve their aspirations through access to a collaborative and positive co-working space.


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Are you looking for...

... an internship

Gain experience in an Australian workplace using your knowledge and skills you have learnt from university. You will have the opportunity to work for 12 weeks at a company to launch your career.

... intern placements for my students

An internship is one of the most important aspects to ensure your students are graduating work ready.  We work with a number of education providers to match their students with the most ideal host companies.

...a resource to join a business as an intern

The ability to have an university graduate join your business as an intern for 12 weeks, for free, is one of the best kept secrets in Australian business.

...a space to work on my own project

We offer a co-working hub for business minded individuals to work on their own projects and collaborate with others.



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Why choose us

  • You will become a member of our community

  • We focus on the full student to graduate to employment lifecycle

  • We are experienced professionals with decades of experience in the business community

  • We offer ongoing support throughout all stages of the process

  • Gain access to our networks and contacts

  • Our focus is on employment outcomes and not just an education certificate or internship

  • We are supported by the Victorian Government through LaunchVic

  • Ability to use our co-working space

  • You will be invited to our exclusive events

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Case Studies

Hear from some of our happy interns


Located on the fringe of the Melbourne CBD near RMIT Building 55.

Being a co-working space, our office is always open for people walking in off the street.

Please feel free to drop in at any time and you will be greeted by a friendly staff member or resident.

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