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Updates regarding the current situation from GM Sedahnah

Posted By 321-238-8363 On 03-26-2013 10:09 AM

Hi Flyffers,

We know that it’s been a long time since the last Maintenance and we also know that we haven’t answered all questions recently.

First of all, we would like to assure you that even if we’ve been a little quiet regarding the current situation, we haven’t forgotten about you! We have been watching this forum daily, trying to find a way to understand and organize its sections. More importantly, we worked on all the questions you have asked about on many different topics (our support, the maintenances, the events, the cash shop, Webzen, the new content, etc.) to be able to provide you the best answers possible (we didn’t want to take the risk of giving you unconfirmed information early that might later turn out to be untrue).

Today, at last, we can get back to you with some real news meaning that we finally have all the tools we need to answer all those tricky topics. Fortunately, that also means that from now, we will be more present and contactable on this forum (yeah!).

What about the Maintenance?

We have resolved the technical issues preventing us from being able to patch the US servers! Be ready Flyffers because you may have an update in the next week (pending testing). This update will include every update and fix we had on our EU servers for the last 3 months!

What about your events?

• Scripted Event (Gala Lab): We can’t implement any scripted events until April. Nevertheless, we have already planned to provide you a whole new bunch of events! We also would like to get to know you better (which kind of event you like, don’t like) and will conduct a survey related to your future events very soon!

• Contest (GMs): You will be able to participate to all the contests we will develop for you and all the European players.

• In-game event (GM): As we have a time difference of 5 to 8 hours between GMT and PST , we can’t really organize anything in-game. We are looking into solutions fo..

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