I wonder where Mann could be.

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

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Courtney has just been kidnapped.

Do I have to eat with you?

I want to improve my English.

Olivier doesn't have a partner.

We'd like to start over.

I'm not affiliated with any party.

I was in London for almost the entire summer.

Let's begin again.

The governor supports the bill.

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Most of the station disintegrated as it fell through Earth's atmosphere.


Interest rates have seesawed all year.

But he was excited too.

Clarissa helped me with the move.

Srivatsan and I have been acquainted with each other for many years.

I'm not unhappy.


I think we'd better ask Pravin what he thinks.


Is the bar open yet?


We don't need your help.

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She slipped her arm into his.

You are on the air!

I'm sorry to bother you.

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That's my whole point.

Our hearts go out to all in distress this night.

I only have a week to get this done.

We're going out for a meal on Friday.

Tell him that you stole the money.


Many topics were discussed during the interview, but some of them were censured.


My meals are prepared by my mother.

You aren't rich.

Have I said something to hurt your feelings?


The mother occasionally reread her son's letter.

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The shy pupil murmured his answer.

Did Spudboy sign that confession voluntarily?

Will our civilization collapse one day?

We will be living in England.

Ramanan followed in his father's footsteps.


We must allow for his age.

I'm really glad you decided to come to our party instead of staying at home.

It seems I will have to get rid of this worn out carpet.

Only I could answer the question correctly.

Phillip weighs as least 70 kilograms.

You were pushy.

Marsh has been lying all along.

Would you like to give it another shot?

He sashayed around the room.


Do you have any aspirin?

Radek teaches yoga.

Let's hope Max doesn't write a book.


Are you ready to play?

The doors are open.

Ernst is extremely wealthy.

Tell me a little about Glen.

She became a nurse.

Go about your business.

Have you read this article?

It's been a week.

I think I have the advantage.

Has Luc quit drinking?

I don't have a phone book.


I'd better talk to him.

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She wants to keep a cat.

That sentence does not exist in any song.

Unfortunately, she didn't come.

Something tells me that she has found them.

Liyuan wakes up early almost every morning.

Do you see any policeman over there?

He doesn't have enough money to go travelling.

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I don't feel like speaking French today.

For whom does the bell toll?

He saved her at the cost of his own life.

The British Parliament is divided into the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Come and take it!


Valeria said he wasn't hungry.


The scene impressed itself on my memory.

How is this connected to that?

Yay, I went to the store!

Gale married Jayesh on October 20, 2013.

Why are you being so stubborn?

Whatsoever therefore is consequent to a time of Warre, where every man is Enemy to every man; the same is consequent to the time, wherein men live without other security, than what their own strength, and their own invention shall furnish them withall. In such condition, there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain; and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.

They sought shelter from the rain.

I cannot decide whether to go or not.

Helen is playing in the garden.

Why don't you let me handle this one?

You need protection.


Don't be so hard on Srinivas. He meant well.

When was the last time you touched snow?

I was visiting Lex in Boston.


I heard that Jingbai doesn't swim very often.

Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.

He is only too pleased to be advised by a woman.

The first thing he did was to untie his shoelaces and take his shoes off.

What's your impression of him?


Has a certain presidential candidate lowered the bar for what may be said in polite society?

Then I'll help you overturn the wagon.

I woke up thirsty.

Henry thinks that sports are a waste of time.

Open your book to page nine.

The addition of salt greatly improved the flavor.

The U.S. is a service economy.

They make themselves out to be poorer than they really are.

It's up to the engineers to make sure that this tunnel doesn't collapse.


So far does anyone have any question?

I waited and waited.

You'll recognize her.


Sometimes we forget things.


I found the work easy, for I had done that kind of work before.


Do I need to explain this to Blake?


This happened often in the summer.

I've always liked Boston.

He promised a mountain of money.

Jeremy told Mann that he was going to kill himself, but he didn't have the courage to do it.

She won an Academy Award for her performance in the film.

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Don't do anything to attract attention to yourself.

You're not watching.

Guillermo has autographed it.

I want to be very happy.

You can have some more if you want.

What does Vick have on?

I would go except for my headache.

Sergio doesn't have children.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

We are bringing down the old house.

Tait is extremely polite.


His illness resulted from drinking too much.


Hamilton knew absolutely nothing about it.

We never had any problems with it.

Just between us, he's not a deep thinker.

The policeman talked to the children in as friendly a manner as he could.

Mainframes are much less important now than they were when no working computer would fit on a desk.

I prefer fish to meat.

Do you require our help?

It's fun to learn Esperanto.

Sometimes, pictures can fool people.

I wouldn't do that if you paid me.

There is nothing like the smell of roasted coffee.

When you walk sturdily along the path on which you have started, you are, in my opinion, happy.

Lemma 5 cannot be generalized to arbitrary artinian rings.

We're both college students.

Everyone stared at us.

I can do my job without your help.

Mr Smith and I have been acquainted with each other for a long time.

Do you know it for a fact?

Find yourselves a seat.

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I don't know why that's important.


I'm now watching Russia Today.

I think Aimee understands all that.

The summer vacation has come to an end too soon.


I have to talk to somebody.

You seem to be prejudiced against ideas that come from foreign countries.

Stick your finger through your throat!

We saw a stranger walking outside.

My mother isn't like other mothers.

You should've listened to me.

I want to add this sentence.


I forgot the key and went back for it.


Sedat was mistaken, of course.


This is not my idea of a quiet vacation.

Have you packed your suitcase?

Hey, your fly is down. Zip it up.


Oliver said he'd be busy until 2:30.