I wonder when Jane will come next time.

I hope nothing happened to her.

When was the last time you shaved?

Am I older than you?

I haven't called him back.

I'm coming to you.

Jacques has been doing judo for two years.

Women throw themselves at Jayant.

I hate flies.

Martyn is extremely easygoing.

Why do people call him Darci?

Hard work has made Japan what it is today.

Are you going to eat that bread?

I can hardly wait until summer.

Do you have any bait?

He has been in practice as a lawyer for more than ten years.

"Do you have anything to do?" "No, not really."

He said that he was tired and that is why he'd like to go home earlier.

He would not submit to his fate.

That's usually not a good idea.

It appears you're correct, Morton.

Look at me and do what I do.

Learning a new language is like meeting someone for the first time who always claims you are wrong, and worse - has the ability to prove it.

In the English text, there are more explicit elements.

We tell each other everything.

What colour do you associate with your childhood?

Are you also German?

Don't call 911! You have to call 112.

Yesterday, Jackye told me he didn't know how to swim.

One of the bulls pushed the fence down.

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You guys were right.


Soohong made it on time.


Alison and Nelken value their privacy.


Please bring your intermediate examination certificate with you to the first day of class.

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The trouble is he has no money.

I bought two tickets for a concert.

Herman is a mathematician.

Learn these words, one by one.

Location: A fewminutes from the Verona Est turnpike exit.

Act your age.

Everyone knows there is no such thing as a perfect person.


Jinny is hot-headed.

I don't like any of these paintings.

Phillip is quite shy, isn't he?

She was kind enough to show me around the town.

It is a chair.

Do you remember him?

Where was Leith last night?

We need to wait here.

So what's the next move?

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Mosur plugged his music player into his computer.


can you fix this or not?

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I had to go home and change clothes.

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It's not just a minor problem.


When Harvey was accused of the murder, he broke out in a cold sweat.

Bobby is catching on.

That observatory stands in a good location.

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I want to give up.

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He is making preparations for a trip.

I forgot about them.

Why don't you just say you don't like Chinese food?


That may not be liked by everybody, but it is a fact.

Stop calling me names. That'll do you no good.

Let's play a game of Tute!

I don't understand what could have happened.

We had a wonderful meal together.


As yet, the body has not resurfaced.

The new president can be relied upon, can't he?

They will fight with great courage to protect the encampment.

I don't go to work on Sundays.

Could we come in, please?

Do your best for Lanny.

Antonella is in the mess hall.

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Would you mind mailing this letter for me?


Our teacher told us to go out into the ground at once.


A nurse came and gave me bread and coffee, but the bread was dry and the coffee tasted soapy.

"Who is the guy in the picture?" "I don't know who he is."

There's a tolerance for different accents.

The soup is not cool.

The police found no evidence.

Keith couldn't figure out what Randell was trying to say.

I cannot solve the problem on my own.

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Last night I dreamt I was eating bees.

We have a long way left to go.

You'll never make a Sherlock Holmes out of me.


I would rather not go shopping alone.

He drives a ute.

I don't speak French as well as you think I do.


How did Dannie know?

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She is old enough to know better.


I'll call you on Monday.

Things never turn out the way you thought they would.

Morton has been busy all week.

Casey told me that he wanted to teach me French.

I laughed so hard that I cried.

She wanted to have her hair cut, but her mother wouldn't let her.

I'm waitressing tonight.

I told Rogue that I didn't know where Victor lived.

You got shot, Lorraine.


He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.


Jane is an honor student.


I'll follow him.

Is the bird flu eradicated?

What a nice thing to say!

Vern pretended he couldn't speak French.

I'm not hiding from anybody.

What's this stuff here?

I enjoyed myself very much.


In spite of the fact that she's rich, she says she's poor.

Don't let anyone open the windows.

Which title did you choose?

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We were mistaken.

That must've hurt.

There's been some trouble.

Can you tell me what day it is today?

If you don't leave now, they'll kill you.


Take Jennifer for example.

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They stood in the middle of the room.

I forbid that.

Could I borrow a pen?


What time did you come home?

Give him a minute.

Who told you that I wasn't well?

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He does want to be a wrestler, but he is too thin.


I don't think Narendra is at fault.

Try to hold it together.

Where did you go on your summer vacation?

There are no two words with the same meaning.

Experience is the name many people give to their mistakes.

We were just leaving.

What would you like me to do with this stuff?


I'm a free-lance writer in Japan.


Can I see you a moment in my office?

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I'll prove it to you.

Vernon is prepared for any emergency.

I'd like to do with you but I can't afford the plane fare.

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Brendan wants to say something.


He held her hostage in a van.


You're still not convinced we're telling the truth, are you?


What kind of beer do you have?

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We have to buy soap to wash the dishes.

I love the penguin house at the zoo.

I wanted to steal it.

I am calling my brother.

I'll drive Karl there myself.


Is 2:30 too late?

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Destroy this temple.

Our proposals met with little response.

As happiness doesn't exist, we must try to be happy without it!

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We're going to have some fun.

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He kept on crying.

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I used to have a job as a security guard at a bank.

Here we are.

She acted as a guide.