Puresight Intelligent Content Recognition

PureSight - Intelligent Content Recognition for wired and mobile communications

PureSight develops a proprietary next-generation Internet content filtering technology.

PureSight´s leading-edge Active Content Recognition (ACRTM) technology dynamically identifies a Website's content and decides whether to allow access to it or not. Every site request is inspected and categorized in real time by PureSight's ACRTM to ensure its compliance with Internet usage policies.

PureSight´s technology addresses the extensive issues of Internet content access by providing solutions for the mobile network industry, wired security solutions and Internet Service Providers.

PureSight Solutions:

Integrating PureSight Enables Companies to:

  • Attract new customers and create additional revenue streams
  • Meet growing market expectations and regulations
  • Provide 100% filtering coverage of the Internet
  • Deliver on-the-fly, dynamic Web filtering

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