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I need a little affection.

She lost interest in her work.

Wilmer always wanted to study French.

You could get hurt.

The floor had a good shine.

Raif didn't deserve this to happen to him.

He invited Chet and her sister Jane to a party.

I've never seen Myrick this angry before.

The U.N. building is very impressive.

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A car is convenient, to be sure, but, after all, it will prove expensive.

Somebody must've made a mistake.

How many legs does a spider have?

She works at a bank.

Why should we believe you?

Where are the cops?

Will Iran attack Israel?

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I'm much younger than Judge.

Collin is easy to impress.

Sanche was spectacular.

Come down here.

The rice is coming well this year.

Jisheng could've died that night.

I don't know what will become of you.

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Was King murdered?

The baby was taken care of by its grandmother.

Will you take this bag while I consult the map?

Stephan didn't know why Klaudia refused to go to the dance with him.

Our math teacher drew a circle on the blackboard.


Where is your homework?


Mum and I are dying with laughter.

I thought you'd be in Boston this week.

These days it snows quite a lot.

It went off smoothly.

It's a shame you're going to miss the concert.

I've hired a private tutor to help me practice my German conversation.

I'm not the one who told him.

I don't want him in this room.

Was there ever any doubt?

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The game lacked excitement.

Roland doesn't understand French at all.

So I ran to my father's restaurant.

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One more time.


Finally, it was time to sign the Constitution.

Do as you are told.

Do not watch television.


You've eaten.

It's quite large.

What would I wear?


You will study.


Please serve the guests some coffee, dear.

Flying a helicopter isn't easy.

I received a knife with a sharp blade.

Take your coat in case it rains.

Sid speaks French much better than Chuck.

Actors and sports stars often parlay their celebrity into endorsement deals.

No one suspected me.

She's so looking forward to seeing you. She just can't wait.

Naim is very easy to talk to.


Amigo rides a scooter.

Adam and Allen began spending more time together.

Who else uses this room?


Please take a rest for a few days.


Marcia knew that Connie didn't like him much.

I am quite unqualified to teach them.

Why are you so late?

He complains with good reason.

Over the holidays, I spent days doing nothing.

What the fuck is it with you?

Many young girls like that singer.


Swimming is not allowed in this river.


None of this was your fault.

Are your speakers Philips or Samsung?

Who's going to pay for that?


Do you want half of this cake?

Come here, fast!

If you use this modern equipment, it will save a lot of manpower.

Lenny and I are giving up.

Yesterday, I bought a red car.

This is the best season for hiking.

Nora's dog cowered under the kitchen table during the storm.

Nicholas is very reckless, isn't he?

We're looking for Paula now.

They were a good group as a whole.

We're always right.

I'll meet him tomorrow.

Edmond heard noise in the next room.


I would like to have a glass of tea.

I see no reason why he doesn't relate to the firm.

Why would I be friends with him?

I deserved that.

Rajeev can do it if he tries.

Anatole felt very nervous.

Fritz expected at least a ten percent return on his investment.

He is jealous.

Are they gone?

The wife of a missing man has delivered a heartfelt plea to the public for information on his whereabouts.

Would you be willing to send me a sample free of charge?

My leaving early made them feel sorry.

I don't need it back.

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You're being irrational.

If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.

I bought a pair of earrings.


That's what I hope Cris will do.


You didn't let me win, did you?

I need some sugar to make a cake.

I thought you might be able to help.


What did you get him?


Kill everybody, God will recognize his ones.

"Thank you." "No, thank you."

Marian seems touched.

Raghu doesn't know what's wrong with Mott.

I persuaded him to consult a doctor.

Could you lift that pan for me, then I'll put this mat under it.

Jakob certainly knows how to make money.

I'm doubling my prices.

Natraj probably eats a lot.

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Do introverts have shorter lives than extroverts?


I don't get up as early as my mother.

My mother bakes bread every morning.

I might have already seen this film, but I don't remember any of it!


I hate guys like that.

They say that he's very rich.

I'll report on this matter tomorrow.

I'm a baker.

I've been summoned here to give your image a face-lifting.

Naim might be able to sing at your wedding.

Did you finish your paper?

I can't stand the pain anymore.

You may use this bicycle for as long as you like.


This is very risky.

I had to learn the hard way that you need to learn to get good grades in university.

No one is to leave without permission.

It was your grandfather's.

The first item on Mongo's list of things to take with him on his trip is his mobile phone recharger.

It'll happen quite quickly.

Once upon a time there was a miller who was poor, but he had a beautiful daughter.

Takao is qualified for this job.

She moved into the new apartment.


I had never seen so many in my life.

Our teacher is a real idiot.

It's his job to pull the weeds in the garden.

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You may now kiss the bride.

What's your favorite place to go when you want to think?

You should carry out your plan by all means.

This is a book often read by adults.

Julia won the award for "Best Female Performance".

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She is very clever.


Where is my diary?

These days people visit here.

He is depressed lately.


We have several bags here.

The ship sails for Honolulu tomorrow.

That dress looks stunning on you.

I can't take this any longer.

Whatever faults he may have, meanness is not one of them.

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Red sky in morning; global warming. Red sky at night, reactor's alight.

I'll be back at 6:30.

I'm a woman.

He speaks as if he had read the book before.

You weren't elected.

Granville has a lot to learn.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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He is rather hard to please.

That's what we do best.

Apart from the cost, it will take long to build the bridge.