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Photo Booth in Indianapolis

Dappy Hays Event Photo Booth Services, Inc.

Rent one, two, or three of our photo booths for your wedding, birthday, corporate event or any kind of gathering of people! Our photo booths can be set up anywhere. Elevators and single doors are no problem to navigate through.

We have three configuartions that our photo booths can be setup in.

In our Traditional Configuration (the configuration you would have seen in a mall), we offer the only full sized photo booth that can be delivered to any venue. In this configuration, up to two people can be in the photo.

In our Primary Configuration, we remove the bench seating and add "wings" to the setup that allows up to 10 people to be in the booth. If you want more people in the photo, we can do that. We remove the "wings" so that we can take a photo with up to 42 people in the photo. Once this photo is complete, we put the "wings" back on and continue with the other guests photos.

In our Open Booth Configuration, we remove the bench seating and "wings" to have an open air setup. In this setup, we can accommodate multiple large groups of people in photo sessions as well as small groups to individual guests. This configuration is most used when we use a green screen or specific background supplied by us or by the client.

Everyone in a photo session gets a photo.

Dappy Hays Event Photo Booth Services Inc, We capture your Happy Days!


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