I worked in TBWA in charge of McDonalds' team from 2014 to 2016. According to over seven years food commercial experience, now, I became an expert in the food industry. More than that, I also served some other clients in TBWA such as Airbnb, Michelin, etc.
I came back to Ogilvy & Mather in 2010, but this time I was in Shanghai. I served KFC that inspired me the most. Over the 20 TVC commercials in every year, letting me accumulated and built up lots of fast-food experience in such a short time. Of course, in these four years, except for KFC, I also served for Eclairs, Lee Kum Kee, Shui Dong Le, etc.
Went back to China, and joined Dentsu again, but this time I was in Shanghai. The client I worked for was Citroen. It was my first time serviced car customers in China. It was demanding.
Back to Taiwan, back to familiar place, I went to Ogilvy Taipei. The main clients I served were Levi's, Nike, Mercedes-Bens, Motorola.
The first time I went to China, first time I went to the Japanese company. The primary client I worked for was Lenovo. Although the city was uncomfortable to me because I wasn't familiar with, the client made me feel very challenging which was good.
JWT, the place which enlightened my thinking a lot. JWT was an agency where I first time stayed. I learned how to stimulate my thinking and knew how to produce car advertisement. In this four-year-experience of Ford, I learned how to integrate a campaign with a big idea. I could say, JWT really changed my career.
My career started in the two Taiwan local advertising agencies. The clients were Quaker, Hyundai, and 7-11.
Marco Wu
Real Life Horror Domestic aduse could be anywhwere. When it happens, it is even worse than a horror movie. This idea makes people realize that horror could be around in our lifes.
Angry Birds Burger March 2016, McDonalds cooperated with Angry Birds’ movie, and launched a special RED burger.
Auspicious Present Calendar 7-11, a well known chain-mini super stroe brand in Asia. It provids a full storge of products. Now, it is easy for you to get a daily discount via a particular calendar.
24 Hours A really cute and simple idea. These famous characters look very tired just because they work in a non-stoped restaurant.
The Longest Burger Menu This is an initiative idea. Based on the idea of McDonalds’ ‘Creat Your Taste’. You can DIY your own burger via mobile device.
Recharge Meal A bigger burger ever! A cheap burger meal you can ever get. Specially designed for officers who were really tired and hungry needed to be recharged.
Sparkling Tea In 2015, McDonalds launched a new product specially designed for summer. This was not just a cup of tea. This was a spakling tea.
McSpicy Burger The TVC of McDonalds’ main product in 2015 People gathered together from everywhere just because of the taste of spicy.
763-316-9643 Korean Kimchi Chicken 8 Fen Burger Campaign Aug 2014, KFC launched 8 fen burger, which was endorsed by Korean start Kim Wu Bin.
Double Chili Chicken Burger TVC A taste from China Hunan, a girl came from Hunan. Hometown flavor can be tasted at KFC. Bacon, Ham, Chicken Oat Burger TVC Lettuce, tomato, bacon and grilled chicken with a healthy oats, multi-layered texture of oats in New oat burger in KFC (563) 325-8800 2012 Lee Kum Kee Thematic Campaign Chinese people are subtle, Chinese people do not say love frequently as foreigners. Through the great taste, it’s the way Chinese people to deliver their love.
2011 KFC Promotion TVC Simple promotion can be very interesting. Through the dramatic tension, it can be very memorable to consumers even it’s only a promotion.
Karft 2010 Eclairs TVC Outside is the toffees, but inside is the chocolate. Multi-layered texture is like a journey.
Citroen 2010 C5 Launch TVC As most of Citroen cars in 2010, C5 with a V6 engine, wherever it went and both provoke unrest.
Print Works of Mercedes, Nike, Levi’s Some prints of Ogilvy, Mercedes pitch, Nike Olympics, Levi's routine work.
Print Works of Lenovo Ideapad Simple promotion can be very interesting. Through the dramatic tension, it can be very memorable to consumers even it’s only a promotion.
347-977-1504 Ford 06 All New Escape Campaign The pride comes from a SUV full of the mud. Unlike the general car's personality, SUV highlights its wild. (757) 889-5674 Ford 06 Escape Asia Rally Campaign A limited but challenging competition of Asia Rally, Escape won the champion in SUV. 2286893539 Ford 05 All New Escape Campaign Drive the SUV can take you away from the city, now lets you more closer to nature.
Ford 04 All New Escape TVC When you drive the SUV, it’s not the same when you drive general car, of course, it’s tittle different in teaching.
Print Works of Escape & QualityCare When I was in Ford team, except for some Campaign, there are some prints active proposals to clients.
Print Works of 7-11 I am very grateful to 7-11 clients when was a rookie, this client always can do something fun prints.