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Save Money, Save Stress, Save Time

Save time processing and recording medical remittance advices, and dealing with client queries.

As a Healthcare Professional Service Provider or Medical Aid Scheme Administrator, have you had to deal with the frustrating and time consuming process of following up on remittance distribution and dealing with customer queries?

Although much time, cost and attention is spent on sending a claim for payment, the rest of the process (remittance distribution and administration, reconciliation and customer queries) is not given much attention. Current processes have significant operational costs in materials, time and manual labour. Staff and customers are unnecessarily stressed, leading to loss of customer loyalty. The solution is easy to implement and fast to take effect, showing real results in staff and customer satisfaction as well as financial saving.

BI Solutions offers an electronic process for remittance management that is efficient and cost effective.

Our total outsource service focuses on efficiently delivering remittance advices to healthcare providers (and patients if needed) on behalf of Medical Aid Scheme Administrators. We use electronic media, including email, as well as more traditional fax and post. Our economical, streamlined delivery is backed up by 24/7 data availability, which means fewer resubmitted claims, fewer call centre queries, and happier service providers and customers.

We improve information distribution by consolidating the data into a single format, and making it available on-line to practitioners and patients.

There is a lot of uncertainty around new technology, but BI Solutions' proven system has been put into practice and is working successfully since 2002.

About Us

Founded in late 2002, BI Solutions brought together individuals with more than 60 years combined experience in the healthcare industry. The founders are experts in their fields of Medical Aid Administration, Real-time communications, and Practice Management Software.

Our mission is to streamline the process of remittance distribution and claims queries, by providing electronic automated business solutions.

BI Solutions specialises in outsourcing remittance delivery services, improving both the effeciency and effectiveness of the medical claims process, and so benefitting administrators, practitioners and patients.

One of the services provided by BI Solutions, is the electronic Automation, Consolidation, and Deliver Medical Aid Scheme Remittances back to Healthcare professionals. For Medical Aid Scheme Administrators this can be done through prute outsourcing. Provider Groups and Software Vendors can license the technology, allowing them to manage the people process around the technology.

If you would like more information on how we can assist you, please download and read this document .

Healthcare Proffesional and Service Providers, contact us and register for free, to receive electronic remittances individually or consolidated from participating administrators.

If you have already registered, and would like to use the secure login facility to browse you remittance data online, contact BI Solutions for a login ID. If you already have a secure login ID, login at the top of the screen.


As a Scheme Administrator, How much does this service cost me?

Much less than you think. Your current costs including printing, posting, envelopes answering queries and reprinting duplicate requests from Providers is +/- R7.89 (excl VAT) per month. We aim to save you around 30%, as well as taking care of all the queries.

Do I have to download ALL participating Scheme's remittances even though I only need for a particular Scheme?

Remittances are available for you to download for all participating Schemes or individual Schemes.

How can i get a duplicate remittance?

You can down load a duplicate remittance from this website. It is one of the options available after you register with BI Solutions

How secure is the BI system

The BI Solutions server is behind a secure firewall, which secures it from hackers and people trying to tamper with it. You may also connect to the system by using a secure SSL encrypted link through HTTPS. (/www.bisolutions.co.za) This will ensure that as the data is transfered between our server and your computer is encrypted so that it cannot be pilfered off by other parties.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for (File-Transfer-Protocol), and is used to transfer files of data over the Internet between two systems. Typically this method of delivery would be selected if you look after a group of practices, and have one central point where all your remittances must be deliveres, such as in the case of an IPA or Hospital group.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for (Hyper-Text-Markup-Language), and is the basic language used by a web-browser and server when you browse the Internet. BI Solutions allows you to select this method of delivery, in which case no post or file is sent tou you, however you are able to login to the BI Solutions web-site at any time to view your remittances. With this method you may view and print out your remittances as many times as you wish, and will have access to the remittance on-line, even before BI Solutions sends out remittances with its standard remittance runs.

What methods of delivery may I choose from for my remittances?

BI Solutions caters for the following methods of delivery: Email, FTP, Switches, HTML, Fax, Post. BI Solutions however strongly recommends that you choose an electronic method, such as: email, FTP, HTML, or Switching. By using an electronic method, BI Solutions is able to greatly improve the quality of service whislt reduce the time taken for you to receive your remmittance. BI Solutions will also be phasing out Post and Fax in the future.

Where can I get an e-mail address from?

e-mail addresses are allocated to you when you have an Internet subscription with an ISP (Internet-Service-Provider). In some cases, your software vendor supplies you with Internet access, so be sure to consult with your software vendor first on this, otherwise contact your ISP for your email details.

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