Welcome to a brand new server, running a brand new operating system, running a brand new TOP CAPPERS FORUM!

For now you need to click “Top Cappers Forum” above.  I’m still working on a few bugs such as this one…hang in there!  This has been a monumental task!


A homepage section

Feel free to post to the blog!  Give me feedback, ideas, etc.!  Thanks!

-Fred Colclough.


I’m Fred Colclough, and currently have a multitude of activities, including rental properties, the Top Cappers Forum, where handcappers from around the world share their views on primarily sports, but even the Academy Awards, Oscars, etc.!  I’m also an IT Consultant, having spent 34 years in the field!  I do everything from basic web design to complete infrastructure construction!



Yes, I’m building a brand new site to incorporate all my activities, and hopefully bringing back all the bast handcappers to our Top Cappers Forum!


It’s ALIVE!!!!  Brand new web server is rockin’ & rollin’!  Plenty of work to do yet, particularly bringing back the Top Cappers Forum.  Any ideas, thoughts, comments, feel free to post in the blog!! Well be better than ever!! -Fred.


I’m THE Fred Colclough.  I live in Colorado Springs, CO.