The war was going badly for them.

It seems to me that he is from England.

Photography was discovered in the 18th century.

"Jos, we're losing tyre, we're losing lots of tyre. Try to make a move, try to make a move." "What do you think I'm doing, Greg?"

They all knew.

The level of the river rose little by little.

He is friendly to me.

Moses often wears her hair in pigtails.

Add the shredded carrot to the stuffing.

A dog can see in the dark.

He decided to rent his property to that company.

This huge truck can carry twenty five tons of liquid concrete.

Tran is watching the news on TV.

The rocket exploded on the launch pad.


When she heard this Elsa grew white with horror, for she thought she was selling her soul to the evil one.


He is considered an extraordinarily gifted pianist.

Are you sure you know what to say?

Do we know why it's happening?

I didn't sleep enough.

Yesterday, I read a post of hers that I found online.


Dick was involved in a traffic accident.

Easterly wind blows.

It's a square, not a cube.

Lori lost 10 kilograms but put it back on again within 12 months.

The new houses are of a uniform height.

I'm sure we can think of something to do.

I'll stay as long as you want me to.

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Sriram wears a different tie every day.

Masanao doubled over with pain.

He likes to smoke in the toilet.

He never opens his mouth without complaining about something.

He lives next door to us.

Phillip suggested that I wait until the new model came out before I bought an iPhone.

I met them a few weeks ago.

Please stop whistling.

The man answers the description.


During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.

I don't really want to talk to you at the moment.

Someone yelled for help.

I think you need to see him.

This is down the street, on the left.

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Rodger says that he was here in Boston that night.


We challenge you.

Try your luck!

I never went to Istanbul.


She was admitted to Waseda University.


Where did you send her?


I'm sure I have something here that you could use.


However, other aspects have already surpassed the standards of many Western countries.

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She seemed so much at ease in the saddle.


Not only you but also he is ignorant of the truth.

The square of any prime number is a semiprime.

Did I wake you?

All I did was ask Pitawas if he was happy.

Well, that was a stupid thing to say.

It's not a competition.

Mixing with people at a party can be terrifying for shy people.

I can't wait till summer.

If I were you, I would apply for the scholarship.


Raman began to understand.

Clyde isn't as innocent as he seems.

"Ah! I'm dying," said Pierrette, falling to her knees. "Who will save me?"

I want to become famous.

That's my favorite band.

I saw you driving your new car.

Hell is other people.

Next morning, he could see through the iron grating in front of his little window how the people were hurrying out of the town to see him hanged.

I've asked you repeatedly not to do that.

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No, no! That's not right.

There's nothing to think about.

It won't be for long.

I didn't speak with Moran.

Can we not talk about this now?


There is a shopping district underground.

The party, therefore, had to take another route.

He's trying to commit suicide.

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I gave them the day off.

Sehyo looks like he might be sick.

I wish I was as hungry as you.


Do you want to go on a diet with me?

Jeannie doesn't want to see Amanda now.

Clay and Dorian don't eat meat anymore.

Stay out of the water.

He failed in spite of his great efforts.


You look like somebody I went to high school with.

I want to get to know her.

Let's wait and see.


It looks just perfect.


They say that old house is haunted.

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I want you to sit down.

I have to be in Boston all next week.

It's actually not that big a problem.

May I know where you were yesterday?

You'll never see it.

You should try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight.

Can't we just leave?


Izumi put the baby in his crib.

You're not on my list.

Leave it closed.

They're just human.

Let's turn off the telly.

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Fortunately, I've got you to talk to.

Stevan grabbed a chair.

All the evidence suggests that Diana was murdered.

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He is not sitting on a bench.

We never lock our doors around here.

Something's definitely wrong with Marilyn.


War compelled soldiers to go to the front.

He is as good as gold.

He went to his office after an absence of five weeks.

There were no other customers.

Spring is the season for planting trees.

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The student is at the blackboard.


Did you salt this?

Your proposal is worthy of being considered.

You can't see too well with these LCD displays.

Cary worked his fingers to the bone.

Our car was fast and soon got ahead of the other cars.

I don't remember the names of the beaches.

Why are you always complaining?

Where did you circumcise them?

Did Kamel teach you how to do that?


We're just about the same age.

Do you want to be famous?

I am in the same class as my brother.

Why are women such bothersome creatures?

I'm free in ten minutes.

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Frederick and Suresh are going to get married next month.

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The crowd erupted into applause.


Surya didn't make any mistakes.

I'm trying to keep awake.

Is this acceptable?

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I should've known that you wouldn't be willing to go there by yourself.

However, I ask you not to make the same mistakes that I did.

At length, he came to understand the theory.


It wasn't all that funny.

Sometimes, doing the wrong thing is the right thing.

He's not worth it.

You're kind.

Kari was simply stating the obvious.

The hunter hunted rabbits with his dog.

Can you give my brother a job?

Mat and Celeste both wanted to go to Boston with John.

I think I ate a little too much today.

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You must stop gambling.

She ran outside half-naked.

Did Marika teach you Swedish as well?


That's my specialty.

We were just about to leave when she telephoned.

Waiter, please bring me some water.

I need more practice.

You're unscrupulous.


Tearing money up is a crime, but tearing checks up isn't.

Thanks a lot!

It never actually happened.

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I had no idea you could dance.


I make a point of writing an answer as soon as I get a letter.

I'm reading a book about skiing.

Jones left the matter entirely in Stephan's hands.

You will succeed some day.

Stewart has to protect his family.