We're dealing with that problem.

There was no one inside the house.

I don't want to deal with this problem now.

How should foreign exchange rates be shown? In the foreign exchange market they are displayed centered on the American dollar.


Give Alastair a hand.

Do you have one a little smaller?

There's something about Ned that gets on my nerves.

Airplanes fly by moving through almost still air, yet we design and test them using wind tunnels, where the airplane model is fixed and the air is made to move past the model.

Nowadays, traveling costs a lot of money.

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I'm not sure there's a problem.

What do you have to say with regard to this problem?

I'm coming early.

Do you have any smaller ones?

Tell me if it hurts.


They learn quickly.


I tell you this without wanting to be argumentative and in all friendship.

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It was useful.

He is a teacher of English.

Guillermo sent Jurevis a selfie.

Our condolences.

This is your bedroom.

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Why should you be surprised?


The rice crop is already in.


Why don't you try this? It's delicious, you know!

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Students are longing for the vacation.


Joyce really gets on my nerves.

Briggs turned and ran after Valentin.

You can only use it once.

We have to stay here until Maureen gets back.

It is not given to everybody to study abroad.

Have you seen Lloyd yet?

They are still looking for the criminal.

This desk is too small for you.

Waiting for Kate, I saw Bob and Willie.

Could you be my teacher?

I think it a pity that you do not study harder.

What is the plan, exactly?

This is a little confusing.


I'm glad you could come. Please make yourself at home.

Sharada coughed blood into her handkerchief.

Florian now cooks for all of us.

Skef and Derek don't seem to be busy.

Where does he practice law?

These cookies aren't expensive, but they taste good.

That's bad news.

Dana is always neatly dressed.

Let's meet him at the station.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Amir and Thad are going to say no.


There's no use crying and complaining. Try to be content with what you have.

I really like garlic.

It sounded too farfetched.

He says that he has to go to Vienna the day after tomorrow.

Can we speak French instead?

Do you need my assistance?

Human trafficking is a crime.

I don't want to talk about my child.

Prakash complained about the heat.


I don't feel very confident.

The boy sleeps in the living room.

God has been very kind to the shark.

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He came five minutes behind the appointed time.

The cake was delicious.

Did you hire Gabriel?

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Did you see the transcript?

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A new teacher's going to take charge of this class.

He is far better off than he was ten years ago.

It was the greatest joy that I have ever experienced.

They began arguing over money.

Why are people always called Lance in random sentences?

Linda would think this was too expensive.

I'm never going to race again.

I've got an Italian handbag.

I'm wide awake.

We're pretty much in agreement.

Here is a list of things you should avoid eating.

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Let's bypass the protection circuit.

Charlie has to deal with this alone.

Do you speak Albanian?

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Kiki is in a wheelchair.

We have different color eyes.

The building was completely destroyed.

He took me by the collar.

How is the food?

What is he up to now?

Jianyun has been going out with Lucifer ever since they met at a fourth of July picnic last summer.

Both my parents are musicians.

I haven't really made up my mind yet.

You should look out for potholes when driving.

Smoking is harmful to health.


I said nothing, which made him more furious.

"I heard that Jingbai was dying." "Dying? He's alive and well!"

By chance, I met her in the street.

Give a lecture on literature.

Manjeri leaned over the bridge.


They wrote a lot of nasty gossip about them in the newspaper.

Pierette won that contest.

I'd need a taxi tomorrow evening.

Jennie gets upset very easily.

Children learn by example.

I tried many things but failed after all.

I don't think that'll happen to us.

She looks like a Greek goddess.

Phillip is a relative of mine.

Where is your other younger brother?

Oh my God, I can't believe this.

The young sorceress was ordered to turn Shuvra back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.

Everything I've told you is true.


Billy is good at sports.

Things began to work out for Dennis.

Kayvan's novel has been translated into French.

History is replete with the stories of unappreciated genius.

What've you been doing all morning?

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Hal said that he would come back.

I suppose you love her.

You told me not to buy that, but I bought it anyway.

In Britain, mince pies are traditionally eaten at Christmas time.

The soldiers took the youngsters to a place where they thought nobody would see them, then they picked up stones and started to hit the youngsters on their heads and their arms to break their bones. They didn't know that they were being filmed.


He fell asleep on the train and woke up in Germany.

Men, dogs, fish, and birds are all animals.

It's taken him a year, but I think he's finally come to grips with the death of his wife.

I have a meeting at 2:30.

Each time I see this picture, I remember my father.

That should suffice.

He is always taking a nap at school.

His mother sighed with relief.

Shai and Lar are like brother and sister.


After dinner, bring your guitar along and we'll sing.

I don't get you at all.

You got to learn to take what people are willing to give.

Are you furious?

I want some coffee, please.

The storm had increased, and the snow was driving in wild gusts through the streets.

I'm competitive.

This is the first time I've ever followed someone to know where they live.

Norma was shot through the heart.

I wanted to believe Sigurd was lying.

Serdar came home looking exhausted.


Your encouragement will draw her out.

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I'll be in my office from ten tomorrow.

Mario has no chance of winning the race.

Are you still planning to quit your job?

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Can I join you?


We caused this.

I've done the job two months in advance.

I'd like to buy that, but I don't have any money.


Elliott had trouble believing that Presley would actually want to go out with him.

Polyphemus, son of Neptune, had only one eye in the front.

The water is clean and pure.

Some molds are so big that it takes six truckloads of concrete to fill them.

Agatha said terrible things about Barbra.

It seems perfectly reasonable.

Beat the egg before putting it in the soup.

It is not characteristic of you to say such a thing to her.

Some believe Nessie lives in this lake.

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How many times have I told you not to mention Paul's name around me?

I think that is based on a lack of mutual understanding.

She was moved to tears when she heard the news.

We'd better get a move on.

You'll have to jack up the car.

The plaza is packed with people.

I'm fairly sure Dieter is in Boston now.

Please keep your voices down.

My father doesn't drink too much sake.

That's part of my job.

Unfriendliness is the new thinking.

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I think you'll find this interesting.


I came here looking for Uri.