10 Secrets to Finding a Great Painting Contractor

Congratulations! You’ve taken the right decision to enhance your home’s look and worth with professional painting. The next step is the daunting task of finding a painter. Do not fret! These 10 tips can help you locate a top painter who can provide top-quality work for a reasonable price, and give you satisfaction with your homeowner experience painting contractor.

  1. A GREAT Paint Contractor Presents Proof of Insurance

Although a reputable painter might claim to be insured however, an GREAT contractor will provide an official copy of his insurance policy to prove the amount of insurance coverage the contractor has in place for both bodily and property damage that could result from the work of the contractor. The nature of paint is that they are extremely flammable, and should an accident occur it is important to ensure that the contractor is insured.

  1. A GREAT Paint Contractor NEVER Asks for a Deposit

Although some painting contractors might require a deposit prior to beginning the work, established, experienced painting professionals earn a sufficient operating income to manage to purchase the necessary materials and pay their employees. Be wary of any contractor who demands an upfront deposit! If he’s not able to pay for materials, he’s probably not able to pay his employees. Every year, many homeowners are a victim of contractors who leave the work – and leave town with the money within their wallets.

If you decide to an advance payment of any kind, make certain that the materials you purchase are in good condition and are in your possession which gives you some sort of leverage in the event that the contractor should not be able to finish the job. Bottom Line: GREAT painting contractors NEVER request a deposit.

  1. A GREAT Paint Contractor Offers Great Warranties

It is possible to tell much about the painter’s warranty. Prominent contractors with an established reputation are admired by the paint manufacturers who, in turn give extended – and even lifetime warranties for their paints due to the fact that they know the paint will be applied correctly. Due to a myriad reasons, less skilled contractors may not have strong relationships with their suppliers. In terms of labor it is important that a GREAT contractor is able to work with reliable skilled, knowledgeable painting contractors whose work is guaranteed by an extended warranty on labor.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Go the Extra Mile

As GREAT contractors have discovered the importance of a happy customer and are able to concentrate on service and provide extras which show the importance of your business in the eyes of the business. Find out if your contractor provides the following services:

Professional color consultation

Free color-trials

Free power washing

Paint two coats as a standard offer!

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Give Professional, Detailed Quotes

The GREAT painting quote comes with an extensive list of all aspects of work that must be completed:

FREE Power washing

Priming, caulking, sanding and caulking

Trim repair – Great contractors will be aware of what needs to be done

Specifics of the products and their application Application of the product GREAT contractors are aware of the best tools for any job

Clean-up and touch-ups

Alongside the quality and accuracy Is it professionally presented?

The quote is printed on the letterhead of the company?

Does the report include the license number of the contractor?

Do they have an area-specific land line number? (beware that if only a cellular phone number is mentioned)

TAX I.D. number?

Work guarantee and other relevant product warranties?

Contractors who aren’t experienced, and using business forms that are standard at office supply stores suggest they’ve not invested in their business , and could not have the proper licenses. They may also not be paying tax on income.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Have an A or A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted consumer ratings body that evaluates companies based on a set of standards. Alongside determining their rating, make sure to verify how long the paint company is a member of the. Make sure that any issues are solved. BBB is still able to provide an outstanding rating if a company has resolved problems in a timely fashion. Unstable painting contractors are likely to have no BBB affiliation or a B or lower.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors are concerned about their communities and industry Associations

Participating with the local Chambers of Commerce, committed to community charities, and being a part of the Painting and Decorating Contractors Association (PDCA) proves that the best painting contractors are professional and are committed to their communities. Fly-by-night contractors do not have connections with professional or civic groups.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Provide References in Your Area – Both Old and New

Paint contractors with good reputations may have local references that was completed within the last few weeks. GREAT Paint Contractors will provide numerous local references, both from their past and current work. Referrals from a year or more demonstrate the durability of the paint job and ensure that any follow-up or billing concerns were addressed properly.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Invite You to See a Job in Progress

If the contractor is confident about the way they conduct business and their work, they’ll show their confidence with a request to test it on your own. What to look out for:

Work vehicles are they tidy, well-organized and professional?

The painters are clean and well groomed?

Materials – are ladders drop cloths, scaffolding, and other electrical items in good working order?

Do you think the work is done with care in order not to harm the landscape or property?

Bottom Line: Great Paint contractors treat homes and the owner with respect and dignity at all times.

  1. GREAT Paint Contractors Have a Professional Website

It is definitely an option to work as a top paint contactor but not have an online presence, the best contractors are also business owners who recognize that the modern consumer is searching for immediate information. A GREAT contractor’s website will contain the information that consumers are seeking – references, before and after pictures, information about the services offered, contact information, and the history of the business as well as its staff and owner.