Advantages of Consulting a Web Developer for Your WordPress Website

The website serves as a digital business portfolio and profile of an enterprise. Therefore, it is one of the most vital aspects of the brand’s online footprint. As a result, its design and development should tailor fit the company values with seamless navigation and top-notch user experience (UX) to boot. In line with this, serious entrepreneurs must consider consulting with a web developer for all their WordPress website development needs. Web admins and agencies are equipped with the next-level technical know-how to address the nitty-gritty specifics of design and development that can significantly impact leads, conversions, and client retention.

Nurturing leads, improved conversion rates, and client or readership engagement are the significant elements of a successful ecommerce platform or blog. These elements all culminate into an excellent design and development that takes into consideration the user. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of consulting a web developer for your WordPress site.

WordPress website development specifics

Web development is a group of tasks that involves hosting through the internet or intranet. It is also known as web programming that deals with the creation of web pages. In addition, web development encompasses web design, content creation, scripting, and network security configuration. Ultimately, it involves both customer-facing and back-end. 

Web developer ensures the website is at par with the brand image

A full consultation with a web developer would take the identification and establishment of your brand’s core values. Additionally, it would also involve the logo design and the brand colors. Web design elements will also come to play, such as images, fonts, and color palettes. These elements are vital in the formation of your brand identity and recognition throughout the website pages. Therefore, this activity should be close collaboration and coordination. For example, the McDonald’s logo sticks to its distinctive red and yellow brand colors together with the logo that is consistent in all packaging materials, interiors, and its website.

Web developers can recommend color and color palette schemes

In brands that are starting from scratch, wherein a logo does not exist, it is best to consider recommendations from developers. Usually, they have the technical know-how on colors that evoke emotions, for example, blue with trust and black for good quality. For instance, blue font for the Walmart logo and black for the Amazon font.

Web developers tailor-fit the layout with the brand identity and values

As a rule of thumb, the layout must be organized, simple, and strategically placed in ways that draw attention to call-to-action buttons. In addition, drop-down menu options must be according to your target audiences’ preferences. In line with this, we must seek web admins’ advice based on expertise, likewise A/B testing results and insights. Similarly, fonts and typography must be clear, easy-to-read, and visible against the background color. 

Ensures seamless site navigation

A user-friendly website encourages content engagement that leads to the desired action of purchase or conversion. A top-notch website design provides an excellent UX that makes easy navigation for the website visitor, likewise acquiring all the details and information the user needs at the home page. For example, the website of Agoda has a straightforward interface yet engaging enough that all details are found from the homepage for convenient selection and booking. 

Assures website accessibility

The design and development of the website must be accessible for everyone, including persons with disabilities. At this point, the consultation with a web developer would come in handy through the integration of law-mandated website accessibility features like AI chatbots and more.


Taking matters into the capable hands of a web developer is a worthwhile experience if we want to consider our target audience. Ultimately, website visitors and users are the bread-and-butter of any ecommerce platform. Therefore, we participate in their convenience, seamless UX, and navigation to optimize leads, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions.