Air electric heater heating function and automatic temperature control equipment selection

Air electric heater mainly heats electric heating equipment for gas flow, the heat generating element of the air electric heater is a stainless steel electric heating tube, and the inner cavity of the heater is provided with a plurality of folding plates (guide plates), guiding gas. The flow direction is extended to extend the retention time of the gas in the inner cavity, so that the gas is sufficiently heated so that the gas is heated uniform, and the heat exchange efficiency is improved. The heating element of the air electric heater is stainless steel heating tube, which is formed in a seamless steel tube, and the void portion is filled with good thermally conductive and insulating magnesium oxide powder. When the current is passed through the high temperature resistance wire, the generated heat is diffused through the crystalline magnesium oxide powder to the surface of the heating tube, and then transferred to the heated air to achieve the purpose of heating. Air electric heater and compressed air heaters can use a pipe-type electric heater, mainly used to heat the required air flow from the initial temperature to the required air temperature, while compressed air heaters can only use pipelines heaterAir electric heater can use a pipe-type electric heater, and a wind turbine electric heater can also be used, more than 850 ° C, has been widely used to aerospace, weapons industry, chemical industry and colleges and institutions. Laboratory. Air electric heater is particularly suitable for automatic temperature-controlled temperature and large flow high temperature combined system and accessories test, and the control is convenient to make over-temperature protection, it is also necessary to join the unit and the heater to ensure Electric heater starting must be started after the fan starts, the air electric heater heater adds a differential pressure device to the wind turbine, the gas pressure heated by the channel heater should generally do not exceed 0.3 kg / cm2, such as the more than the above pressure specification, please Select cyclic electric heater, low temperature heater gas heating higher temperature does not exceed 160 ° C; medium temperature type does not exceed 260 ° C; high temperature type does not exceed 500 ° C. Under the impact of the air flow of the high pressure, the heating body of the electric heater is a special alloy material. It is better than the mechanical properties and strength of any heat generating body, and the system and accessory experiments for long-term secondary three on the air temperature are more superior. Strict compliance with the application procedures, the number of births is more than ten years. Air is clean, favorable environmental protection. Air electric heater allows air to heating to extremely high temperatures, and the temperature of the housing is only about 50 degrees. The efficiency is as high as 0.9 or more, and the rate of temperature and cooling is fast, up to 10 ° C / s. It does not present the air temperature of the air-controlled air and the lag, which is not appropriate to drive the temperature control drift, and it is appropriate to automatically control.