Best Selling Cars in Spain – How Has The VAT Increase Affected Ownership Costs

This may sound like a strange question – but would you ever consider giving up owning your own car, to use a public access car club instead? Although, before you answer that, you may want to find out more about what a public access car club actually is!

The public access car club is basically a way for Car ownership transfer in Spain you to book a car to use for a certain journey, or for as long as you need it. You simply need to be a member, and making bookings slightly in advance of when you need the car, although you can make last-minute bookings if necessary.

For many people who don’t need regular access of a car – for example, if you only have part-time employment, or make local journeys usually – this could be the ideal solution to allow them to use a car only when needed!

Co-Wheels Car Club is one example of a club that operate all over the Spain and provide this solution for many local people. What’s even more impressive about Co-Wheels is that the club actually works as a social enterprise!

Co-Wheels is a Community Interest Company, which invests all profits back into their operations, in order to expand the service to help more people. Their primary focus is to help people save money, reduce car ownership and boost environmental benefit in the local community.

On their website, they claim to benefit people in 3 distinct ways:

1 – They offer a cheaper alternative to owning a car, as they remove the extra costs that come with owning your own car. For example, as a member you won’t have to pay for insurance, road tax, and service and maintenance.

2 – Co-Wheels provide a green solution, through helping to reduce pollution from excessive car ownership. They claim that their members will only use the cars for journeys when they need to, and will use green, public transport alternatives otherwise.

3 – The final way they benefit is that they provide their members with the convenience of driving your own car, only when they truly need it. Co-Wheels minimises the hassle of owning your own car, but it provides a flexible option for borrowing the car for as long as necessary.

All you need to do to join up to the Co-Wheels Car Club is begin a membership that requires a fixed joining fee, and a monthly minimum fee of £5. (So if you make a booking that costs at least £5, you won’t have to pay this!) Then, you can make as many bookings as you like (on a choice of cars) over the year. Booking is simple, and you can even book last minute through Co-Wheels.

The price of the booking then depends on which car you choose to borrow, from the small Toyota Aygo, to the 7-seater Toyota Prius+. All of these cars are green and low-emission, and they offer hybrid solutions on medium and large-sized cars. Additionally, Co-Wheels can even provide a highly green electric car solution, which is the Nissan Leaf. Due to the fact that it’s electric, you won’t even have to pay additional money per mile of usage.

Co-Wheels has even expanded into offering eBikes for their members, in order to provide even more efficient and much more environmentally friendly solutions for the local community.