Evolution Of Hyperbaric Therapy And An Insight On The Commercial HBOT Chamber

Crohn’s disease has a lot of ways to get it treated. There is the drug therapy, nutrition supplements, surgery and there is hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The drug therapy is about anti-inflammation drugs, steroids, immune system suppressors, anti-diarrheal and fluid replacements and antibiotics.

The nutrition supplements is especially hyperbaric chamber cost used to treat for children whose growth have been slowed down by the disorder. The treatment also involves high-calorie liquid formulas and intravenously feeding through a small tube that is inserted into the vein of the arm. This type of treatment can help patients who are having intestines that cannot absorb enough nutrition for food.

Surgery is only needed for about two-thirds to three quarters of Crohn’s disease patients. This type of treatment becomes necessary when medication fails to control symptoms.

Then hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used at any of the stages of Crohn’s disease as it is safe and works well when combined with conventional medications. This therapy can be taken at home or at the office anytime as hyperbaric chambers can be personally owned through renting or buying. The therapy is already U.S. FDA approved and is also known to treat other illnesses such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, ADD/ADHD and diabetes.

Hyperbaric chambers come in two sizes the single and double bag. The single bag can be operated solo while the double bag can occupy two people.

Lots of ways to treat Crohn’s disease. It only means that there is indeed hope in treating this type of disorder. Hope we all have a healthy life!