Google Maps and MapQuest Driving Directions Comparison


 I’m aware that I’m overdoing myself a bit… but internet maps that are based on Google Maps or MapQuest just surprise me. Whoever has the ability to map any area anywhere on earth in five seconds is surely wealthy… even if they ought to be.

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G-Maps has been my go-to choice for quite a while now. The knowledge in the field of geo-mapping has risen dramatically, resulting in incredible maps that are immediately available for the majority of the world as well as directions to nearly any location in the world.

I’ll provide brief reviews of the three sites, and hopefully help you save time on the websites.

I changed on to Google Maps after using MapQuest for more than eight year (more on MapQuest here). What changed my view of MapQuest after all these years was looking over the directions at Google Maps. What do you do when you’re not able to follow the directions?

It’s a marvellous device that can give you maps virtually anywhere around the globe and precise directions for driving in several countries.

To cover all aspects of Google Maps in this review will be a waste of time therefore let’s focus on the main functions of the site. Then you’ll be able to discover other features when you are there.

You can view earth satellite images across the globe and superimpose street names on these satellite images, it’s really cool. All of the major map categories are accessible to see.

It is possible to see people walking through Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or look up the logo for home plate in Coors fields in Denver. In several parts of the globe, you can make point-to-point driving directions.

Another feature that is unique to Google Maps is that it allows you to modify the route it drawn out for you only by simply dragging the marking to a different point. We are often aware of alternate routesthat we have learned from experience , that we prefer to adhere to. Other services won’t let you alter the route… With Google Maps it’s easy.

Rand McNally has been making road atlases for a long period of time. It is believed that Fred Flintstone used their atlas. They still prefer the printed map , or atlas and have a large number of atlases. When you go to an gas station and check the register, I’m betting you’ll see Rand McNally atlases for sale. However, having said that they also have great directions and e-maps. I have found them particularly useful in comparing routes to Google or MapQuest for a double-check type of thing.

MapQuest is in use since the beginning in the age of internet… in 1996… therefore, by the standards of e-commerce, it’s old, if it’s not actually old. AOL acquired the company in 2000 and is still in charge.

I’ve utilized Map Quest thousands of times and they’ve always delivered. They have excellent maps of those in the US, Canada and Europe however they are less than the rest of the world in terms of quality and accuracy. US directions are extremely precise and often very precise. In certain areas of growth, they may be a bit in the background, but trying to keep up with growth that is difficult.

The final major feature of MapQuest is that it searches for the lowest priced diesel or gas regardless of where you live located in the US. It’s a great way to keep a close eye on your fuel costs and takes just 30 minutes.

Between these three websites between them, you will be able to locate your way around anyplace on earth.