Medical Spas and Women’s Birth Control Choices

hese days a woman has a myriad of choices when it comes to birth control, and sometimes medical spas can help. Though many of these types of establishments deal only with such things as doctor-prescribed physical therapy, some also deal with different types of birth control.

Usually the types of birth control that are dealt with in these establishments are those kind that involve a medical procedure. Sometimes, however, simple consultation services are offered as well. Most visits are preceded by a consultation with or at least a referral from a doctor.

What a Consultation at a Spa Might Entail

If you are uncertain about using a temporary methods that involves a medical procedure, there are some Medical Spas that specialize in these things. Your doctor may refer you to one in order to help you make your final decision.

The establishment may have more in the way of information materials, and a consultant can spend more time going over your choices with you. Pros and cons can be discussed, including reliability of the different methods and possible side effects.

Implantable Devices

More than likely, when medical spas specialize in these methods, Cornelius Filler it has to do with implantable devices. This doesn’t mean that they will try to sell you on one of these methods, however. A reputable establishment will not encourage you to use an implantable device if it would be better for you to use another method.

That being said, if you decide on an implantable device because you think it would fit better with your lifestyle, you’ll have some different ones from which to choose. The device could be hormone-based and be implanted under the skin as a time-release method, or it could be an intrauterine device that may or may not involve hormones.


Medical Spas that specialize in implantable birth control methods will employ people who will have the necessary license to be able to perform the procedures. More than likely, they’ll be medical doctors or nurse practitioners. Getting an implantable device is always an outpatient procedure that rarely involves anesthetic.

Having the procedure done in this type of establishment often means that you’ll be much more comfortable than if it’s done in a doctor’s office setting. That being said, your general practitioner or gynecologist will most likely have consulted with the professional at the establishment on the final decision as to a method and the procedure in order to ensure that you’re getting the best care.

Medical spas can be good resources for women who are searching for the right birth control methods and want the best treatment and procedure options. The best way to find out about these types of spas is to talk to your physician first.

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