Personalized Engraved Jewelry

You can find it all over the internet, in magazines, on websites, and in blog posts. Everyone is talking about them and wearing them. Personalized engraved jewelry has quickly become a popular trend in jewelry, parenting fashion and jewelry design. Celebrities have also added to the excitement. Personalized necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are popular gifts for parents, regardless of whether they are purchased at the store or through the Academy Awards. The following selection of necklaces and bracelets for new moms/dads is what even celebs wearEngraved.

Julian & Co. Personalized engraved Jewelry

Julian & Co. creates the most beautiful and original baby jewelry for new parents. This personalized jewelry is loved for its baby-friendly design and signature feet and hands. The necklace is expertly crafted and comes in two versions: a Julian & Co. mini version for mom or a larger version. The pendant, which measures only 5/8th of an inch in height, is made out of the finest sterling Silver. The necklace has the baby feet and hands engraved on it. It is polished and clean. The reverse of each pendant features the name of the baby and the birth date. The mini version is a 1/2 inch slim charm. These gorgeous keepsakes are not only for mom but also make great gifts for dads.

Personalized engraved jewelry sets have been very popular due to the fact that new Dads and moms love wearing their Parent ID. Julian & Co. creates a stylish chain bracelet that matches the pendant. The sterling-silver charm is slightly larger in size than the pendant. It features the artist’s baby feet and hands along with the baby’s first name and the date of birth on the reverse. Each personalized engraving is made by the artist.

Celebrity Personalized engraved jewellery

Jessica Alba’s Honor baby-shower hosted a personalized baby band. It was all the news. The Heart of Gold Necklace/Bracelet set is the hottest. Gwyneth Partrow, Jennifer Garner Courteney Cox-Arquette, Courteney Hudson and Debra Messing all love their personalized baby jewellery and wear it proudly as much as they can. The bracelet and necklace are identical. Both charms were made from fine sterling, recycled from film and created using a special process. The larger heart charm comes in the shape a tag. It has a 22kt yellow heart with words “Bebe Love” in the center. The baby’s date of birth and name are the second smaller charm. They both are attached to a sterling silver ballchain for the latest in parent fashion.

Jewelry with personalized engraving for dads

For new Dads who are extremely conscious of the jewelry they own and appreciate a classic, tailored look, we recommend a simple, striking sterling silver bracelet. We can engrave all the information for Baby as well as a personalized message.