Reasonable selection of stamping materials

The selection of punching materials should consider the use of stamping parts, stamping process requirements and economics.

(1) The use of the pressing of the press requires a reasonable material The selected material should make the stamper working normally in the machine or component and have a certain life. To this end, according to the conditions of the stamping parts, the selected material meets the requirements of the corresponding strength, stiffness, toughness, turbidity, and heat resistance. (2) Reasonably selects a reasonable material according to the punching process For any stamping member, the selected material should be able to stably terrain without cracking or wrinkle according to the requirements of its stamping process. Qualified products, this is the most basic and most important material requirements. To this end, you can use a method to make a stamping parts reasonable material.

1 Test, according to the previous production experience and possible conditions, select several sheets that substantially meet the requirements of stamping parts for testing, and finally choose no cracking or Zou fold. One of its waste rates. This method results are intuitive, but with large blindness.

2 Analysis and contrast. On the basis of analyzing the stamping deformation, the maximum degree of deformation at the time of stamping is compared to the extentary deformation of the sheet stamping molding performance, and according to this, the sheet suitable for the stamping process required for the part is selected. . In addition, the same grade or the same thickness plate, as well as cold rolling and hot rolling. In my country’s domestic plate, the thick plate (T \u0026 gt; 4 mm) is a hot-rolled sheet, a thin plate (T \u0026 lt; 4mm) is a cold rolled sheet (there is also a hot rolled sheet). Compared with hot rolled sheets, the cold rolled sheet is accurate, small deviation, less surface defects, bright, internal tissue dense, and better stamping performance. (Note: T is generally representing the thickness in the mold, such as the thickness of the template, and the thickness of the material can be represented by T.) (3) rational selection of materials according to economy selected Materials should be based on the premise of using performance and stamping process, and the price is low, the source is convenient, and the economy is good to reduce the finished product of the punching parts.