Solar Controller: One of the core components of the solar photovoltaic system

Solar Controller is an automatic control device for controlling multi-channel solar cells in solar power systems to charge battery charging and battery supply to solar inverter load power supply, which specifies and controls the charging and discharge conditions of the battery. And according to the load of the power supply requirements, the solar cell module and the battery-to-load electrical energy output are one of the core components of the entire photovoltaic power supply system.

The most basic function of the solar controller is to control the battery voltage and turn on the circuit. When the battery voltage rises to a certain extent, the battery is stopped. The controller is used in most photovoltaic systems to protect the battery from overcharge or overlapping. Exhaust the electrolytic liquid in the battery, causing a fault, and the battery overlays will cause a battery Early failure. The overcharge can be damaged, so the controller is one of the core components of the N Type Ground Solar Mounting System. Simply, the role of the solar controller can be divided into: 1. Power adjustment function.

2, communication function: simple indication function, protocol communication function, wireless and other forms of background management.

3, improved protection: electrical protection reverse, short circuit, overcurrent, etc.

PWM Solar Controller and MPPT Solar Controller

The PWM solar controller adopts a PWM control method, and the charging conversion efficiency is 75-80%.

The MPPT solar controller uses the maximum power point tracking technology. It is the upgrade product of the PWM solar controller. The MPPT solar controller can detect solar panel voltage and current in real time, and constantly track the maximum power, so that the system is always Maximum power charging the battery. MPPT tracking efficiency is 99%, the entire system is high to reach 97%, and the battery has excellent management, divided into MPPT charging, constant pressure charge and constant voltage floating charge.