The 5 Must-Have Shoes to Have for Every Man

Shoes are the most important product for a man. How many times has this been said? Although this statement might not be always true, it has a certain truth. The most important item in your shoe collection is the shoes. They make the first impression. You should always wear polished shoes to school every day.

Men’s shoes are an indicator of their character. A well-maintained pair of shoes will reflect the man’s personality. He won’t be bothered by how his shoes look if they are dirty, worn and unpolished. And not just that. Not only does it convey a lot, but also the wrong shoes at the wrong time. It is crucial to have basic shoes in your collection. It doesn’t mean you have to purchase 50 pairs. These five styles of shoes will get you through most occasions Dress Shoes Singapore.

The Everyday Shoe

You all have the perfect pair of shoes to make your feet feel at ease. Don’t hesitate to buy them now, for those who don’t. The styles of men’s shoes have evolved over the years. But comfort has not gone outof fashion. When you are doing a lot, it is important to have comfortable canvas shoes. However, comfort is not the only thing that matters.


There was a time when sandals of any kind were not considered fashionable. Espadrilles are now a fashionable fashion item. These are the perfect shoes for those days you just want to lay down and relax. These shoes are also great to wear with cargo shorts, whether you’re going to the grocery store, gas station, or just for walking around town.

The Dress Shoe

All men’s shoes designers agree on the importance of a good dress shoe. Oxfords are the perfect choice for any formal occasion, such as work, weddings or black-tie functions. You will be more stylish if you have a lace-up than the rest. Also, ensure that you keep them clean and well polished each time you wear them.

The Running Shoe

You’d be surprised at the number of feet problems that runners suffer from due to wearing the wrong shoes. The type of running you do and the comfort you have should be considered when choosing your shoes. Your neighbor may have it, so don’t just buy it. Most shoe shops have helpful staff that can assist you in making your selection. Test many pairs of shoes before making a purchase.

The Leather Boot

Ah! It’s hard to emphasize the versatility of a leather boot enough. They are the perfect fashion statement for any man. They’re sturdy and built to last. These boots go well with any jeans or shirt. This fashion staple for men is available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Your most important wardrobe item is your shoes. There are so many styles and designs out there, which one should you choose today?